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A Tale of Kirton Gamers

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Welcome to our 'Tale of Kirton Gamers' narrative thread, you can find details of what we are about here:  http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/16880-a-tale-of-kirton-gamers/

This thread is where we will post our stories as they evolve, initially using our 500 points of painted forces but building as the months go on, hopefully our painted armies will build too!

4 of us attended Kirton Games last night (https://kirtongames.co.uk/) playing a number of games with our 500 points building the story as we went...

*Some miniatures aren't fully painted yet but players have until the end of April for their 500 points and a few special dispensation for a while longer!*

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The Story..

The Kharadron Overlords occupy the abandon watchtower as part of their expansion plans to bring even more trade and ultimately profit to the floating cities. This was to be a staging post to launch a delegation into one of their less explored Realms, that of Ulgu, Realm of Shadows.



Just as the Kharadron settled in they spied what they presumed was another race' trade delegation coming to meet them. Sadly for the Kharadron, this was no diplomatic group, the Daughters of Khaine, who have their own expansion plans, arrived to dispatch the nosy Kharadron and prevent any spies (which is of course what every Duardin will do!) from entering their territory.



The Kharadron looked on worriedly, these people had no goods to barter, other than some very pointy swords...



Before they could shout "Grungi's Beard" the small delegation was overwhelmed and slaughtered,  and despite a late addition of their Admiral and a Gunhauler....


... it was all too late for the doughty sky men!

Not long after...


Meanwhile another delegation, lead by the hapless Admiral Wilf Dedengon, seeks to occupy a nearby watchtower, however they have heard that there is treasure buried nearby, and with his avarice overriding his sense he abandons the watchtower to starts digging holes..


Attracted by the sound of digging and Wilf's gruff voice, the raiding party, having seen off one group of Kharadron, now close with his.

'Two lots of Kharadon, are they multiplying?' thinks the Hag

..more to follow

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Wilf orders the Kharadron to lock and load as the Snake women fan out and close in.


With a thunderous retort the Khararon open fire, sadly Wilf hasn't really trained his crew, being more interested in treasure and aether-gold and most of the bullets miss their mark! Those that do hit are shrugged off by some aura protecting the Daughter of Khaine.


The KV Beryl (named after Wilf's greatest terror, his mother-in-law), is attacked by the snake women and is heavily damaged, the crew desperately fire the aether-lifters and the ship retreats from the battlefield leaving Wilf and his company alone...


Wilf's company put up a brave fight but are ground down by the ridiculous rules and abilities  overwhelming combat prowess of the Daughters of Khaine!


Wilf's company battle on but succumb to the fight and eventually Wilf is left alone battling the Hag...


..who is joined by her sneaky deceptive evil smelly bad hair day sisters (the author clearly has strong feelings!) who finish off the brave, noble Wilf and leave him face down  in the mud.

The sisters depart having secured victory but failing to notice the green light blinking on Wilf's armour...;)

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Some (not very good) photos from a game last week. There were four of us playing  circa 500 points each, with an objective in the middle... which we totally ignored in favour of bashing each other around a bit.
Two of us played Legions of Nagash, one played Stormcast Eternals  and one played Ironjawz. Nagash was the victor that day with both Death players wiping out the others. We started playing a standard four-way battle but decided part-way through to play simultaneously as one Death player concentrated on the Stormcast and the other on the Orruks.

A battle on blood-soaked soil

Something was stirring in Miehdrom , something sinister.  Reports came in of phantoms in the night, desecrated graves , people going missing without a trace... and the soil turning an unnatural blood-red. A detachment was sent forth from the nearest Stormhost to scout ahead and send word back of the situation. When they arrived they found the streets eerily quiet. It didn't take long for them to see why the place was deserted. On one side of the central plaza approached a necromancer with his cohort of hexwraiths and grave guard. Three Stormcast Prosecutors rushed ahead to cut them off, giving their lives valiantly to buy their battle brothers time to prepare. 



On the other side of the plaza approached a White King, accompanied by his own retinue of grave guard and a pair of Morghasts. It looked as though the Stormcasts were heavily outnumbered and would have to stand their ground whilst one of them would be sent sprinting back to the main Stormhost to warn them and send help... but from out of the nearby forest came a small rabble of Ironjawz, led towards the sound of battle by a Grot Cave-Shaman. Led from behind the bigger, bashier greenskins that is. Orruks love nothing more than a good fight, not bothering to wait for their own reinforcements to arrive before rushing into the fray. Although their Rockgut Troggoths and Brutes managed to smash apart many of the 'boney gitz' they faced, it was the forces of Death who won the day. The White King had such a command of his grave guard, as loyal in undeath as they were in life, that they kept coming back after being cut down and were able to overpower the greenskins.

It was a victory for Nagash, but just a minor skirmish in a much larger war. 
Did the Stormcast Eternals get word back to the Stormhost?
Were any snivelling  Grots lurking in the woods, watching and waiting to join the battle if it went in the favour of the forces of Destruction?  Did they sneak away, skulking through the shadows back to their slimy lair in order to tell their bigger Orruk cousins where some good fighting was to be had? 
Now Nagash had control of the town, and more importantly the souls and broken bodies of its erstwhile inhabitants, what would be his next move? 

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