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Hello from Bonny Scotland


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Hi guys, my name is Chris, I'm from Fife, Scotland. I first started playing warhammer in the mid 90s had a bit of a break and got back into it in a big way at the start of 8th edition over the years I've had an army of every race apart from beastmen, brettonian and empire, my favourite races are lizardmen, skaven and vampires

ive had a few games of 40k but it really isn't my cup of tea, my passion has always been fantasy and now it's age of sigmar, I really wasn't sure of it to begin with but now a year after its release I'm loving it, ill always have a soft spot for 8th edition but I'm looking forward to see what the future holds for age of sigmar although I may need to take a second job to fund all the outstanding new minis GW are releasing ?

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