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Chris Tomlin

Dorset Masters - 2018 Season (updated 23/10)

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Good morning all,

As we are now over a quarter of the way through the year (how?!) I thought it was a decent time to get this topic up and running. After the success of last year's Dorset Masters, I will of course be running it again.

Now at the time of writing this, the rankings themselves don't mean a whole lot as there hasn't been a massive wealth of events thus far. For clarity, the cut off date for rankings points for this season is 09/12/18, anything added to the Bad Dice Rankings before that time will be counted.

Also this year I will be purely tracking the rankings here based on the current season (from 09/12/17 onwards) as this is what we are working towards for the next Masters event. If you want to see your current position based on all results over the last 12 months at any given time. click on the link above and select 'Past Year'.

In terms of the people eligible for the Dorset Masters; this is open to anyone living or playing in the Dorset area, as well as any members of the Dorset Doggers club and affiliated individuals who have since moved afield. Obviously I can only include people I am aware of, so if you think you should be added, drop me a DM and I can get you involved.

Remember only the top 4 scores between 09/12/17-09/12/18 will be counted towards this and anyone playing less than 4 events will have that number next to their name in brackets.

So....how do you get into the Dorset Masters 2018? There are 8 spots available and they will be allocated as follows;

  • The winner of the 2017 Dorset Masters - Ricky Mee @ChippyRick
  • The 6 highest placed individuals in the Bad Dice Rankings as of 09/12/18 - If these 6 places include either Ricky or the winner of the Invitational, then invites will be past down to the next highest individual(s). I will not count myself in the final standings (not that I'll be in a Masters position this year!).
  • The 8th spot will be decided later in the year via a knock out cup competition run over club nights - The Boss Minis Dorset AoS Cup. Further details TBA. (This has replaced the initial idea of offering a place to the winning of the Dogger Invitational)

I think that is all we need to know for now. Please ask below if there are any questions.

This year rather than posting updated rankings in subsequent posts and cluttering the thread, I will just keep them listed in this first post and include the date of the last update;

Current standings - Updated 18/09/18

12 - Michael Wilson  - Best in Race: Slaanesh
18 - Laurie Huggett-Wilde - Best in Race: Sylvaneth
19 - Chris Tomlin - Best in Race: Phoenix Temple
29 - Matt Lyons 
33 - Ricky Mee
34 - Paul Buckler - Best in Race: Slaves to Darkness / Marco Columbo* / The Changeling**
54 - Richard Morley - Best in Race: Legion of Blood
55 - Aaron Bailey - Best in Race: Legion of Night
66 - Matthew Arnold
101 - James Eveleigh - Best in Race: Brayherd
108 - William Philpott
128 - Dominic Hook (2)
148 - Matt Clarke (3)
149  - Ben Diesel
151 - Steven Phillips
152 - David Fulbrook (2)
162 - Richard Buckler (2)
207 - Matt Bennett (2)
277  - Andy Talbot (2)
290 - Gary Hennessey (1)
357 - Jenny Lyons (3)
371 - Wayne Rendell (1)
387 - Tom Hewitt (2) 
423 - Paul Petford (1)

* Marco Columbo - Most tournaments played
** The Changeling - Most different armies played

If I have missed you off the list, please give me a poke. I know at the original time of writing the scores don't mean anything, it's more for me to just do the original bit of admin getting the names listed - all a bit of fun anyway!

Cheers guys,

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22 hours ago, Paul Buckler said:

Going to udate after SCGT results filter in Chris? as very few of us were at heat 2.

I've updated the rankings this morning, but like you say there's very little change across the board until we see SCGT get added. This will be the first big shake up of the year.

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6 minutes ago, Paul Buckler said:

140's has some sweet names atm!

It's funny, we have a few little chains at the moment; 26, 27, 28 / 37, 38, 39 / 143, 144, 145

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Afternoon all,

How bizarre...on the off chance it is exactly two months since I last updated this. Bit more exciting now though as there is plenty of movement.

Remember this is being calculated from the season starting 09/12/17, so any scores before that do not count. Feel free to check out your past 12 months score on the rankings as well. For some of us, myself included, it makes for much better reading!! However, the season is what we are working towards.

A number of the more serious tournament goers amongst us have already hit 4+ events, which is where we start to see a more balanced rankings develop.

Well done to all those with green numbers next to their names!!


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Updated post EGGS and a couple of smaller events.

Let's see how FHGT this weekend shakes things up.

Also @Paul Buckler needs to Crediton events added to get back his Marco Columbo icon! xD

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Updated post FHGT and GW Finals.

Looks like our 8 invites for the Dorset Masters are locked in, but we'll let B&G play out before announcing anything. Also have Chrimbobo left this year which could shuffle the pack as well. Pretty confident there will be a couple of new faces this year.

I'll be fixing a date for the Dorset Masters shortly.


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