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Chris Tomlin

The Black Sunz - Ironjawz - Update 28/02 - PICS! Whole new army painted!!

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Yeah I hear ya. Was just fishing for the current feeling, I think this edition will be good for IJ, still not top tier, but feared on the table. Can't wait to see the point drop in maw krusha and see them fitting exactly in that ally spot used for the lobba.

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Hey guys,

A little bit out of nowhere, but I actually took Ironjawz to a two day tournament this past weekend! It's not all that relevant now with the next edition dropping, but it seemed a good way to see off the first edition and I had a grudge with fellow Ironjawz aficionado @Mitzy so it seemed only right.

Obviously with the new edition imminent, it's not worth me getting into long battle reports or anything. I did actually have another game a while back I didn't report on here as well....

Game 122 vs Wayne Rendell @Wayner (Ironjawz)
Wayne is a new player to AoS, having played 40k for a number of years. He lives pretty near me and in a perfect example of "It's a small world", had come across some of my thoughts on Ironjawz online haha! We'd been talking a bit and I suggested that having an Ironjawz off might be a fun way to start his AoS career...and that it was! I took an unusual build, featuring the Rogue Idol for a first time (I still haven't quite finished painting this thing), whilst Wayne had a similar list to my Facehammer 2017 build with the Spear Chukkas.
The game was super fun and for the longest time Wayne's dice were awful which allowed me to get up (playing Battle for the Bass). Even though it was only his first game, he was able to use a lot of his wargaming knowledge from 40K to play to a solid level. It ended up looking like it would be a win to me, until Wayne managed to double chain Destructive Bulk and make three charges with the Maw-krusha in a single phase - unheard of!!! Innate Ironjawz skills it seemed!
The final dice of the game were from me squeezing 2 wounds through on his Maw-krusha's armour save and with it only having one left, he promptly popped a double six and dabbed both away, scoring him a minor victory. Really good fun and Wayne has gone on to have a bunch more games over the last couple of months, as well as almost fully painting his army already - He'll be at BLACKOUT in August as well, so has definitely caught the bug which is amazing.
Result - Minor Loss

But anyway, onto the Dorset Doggers Invitational hosting this past weekend by @Paul Buckler. An absolutely fantastic event with 34 amazingly awesome people taking part - a tough field in terms of opponents and lists.
I was able to stick to playing on one outside table all weekend which was really nice. I'd painting up a bunch of terrain so had my full "Destruction" board out for the first time. I will take a photo of the terrain this week and provide a further update showing some of that off.

Whilst the list is completely irrelevant, I'll share regardless;

Megaboss on Maw-krusha - Ironclad, Dabbing of Mork
Megaboss Krunk
Weirdnob Shaman

10 Brutes
5 Brutes
3 Gore-gruntas
3 Gore-gruntas

Rock Lobber
Rock Lobber
Rock Lobber

There was a part of me sorely tempted to take the 4 Rock Lobbers (especially if the 1 in 4 units thing for allies applies to Matched Play in AoS2), but I realised I literally hadn't used Krunk since the GH2017 has been out as I was so put off by the loss of movement and more importantly, Battlebrew.
So the story is that he has been in rehab for a year and has come out on the eve of the new edition, he's now sober, but still up for a scrap. Also I know that narrative supremo @Mitzy really wanted to face off against this mighty hero of renown!

All my games were brilliant. I have to say that with multiple Daughters of Khaine and Nurgle lists about, I had some luck with the draw. I also had insane luck in all my games - either my dice being great and/or my opponents being trash. The Rock Lobbers were complete MVPs!!

Game 123 - DD Invitational Round 1 vs Mark Mitzman @Mitzy (Ironjawz)
Mitzy had an Ironsunz list, which did actually neuter the Rock Lobbers T1, but all in all I felt that I had the upper hand having spent 300pts on them as opposed to his Battalions. This was a super fun, but very silly game. An Ironjawz combat mash up that ended up with me tabling him (his Weirdnob Shaman was last Orruk standing - going full Gandalf with his staff and tanking loads of -1 armour saves inc a triple 6).
What was completely freak though, was that I didn't actually lose a single unit. That's definitely a first for me with Ironjawz and should never really happen. Mitzy literally did nothing wrong, it was just a crazy game. Other highlights include Mitzy casting Foot of Gork on the Maw-krusha, doing 6 mortal wounds, only for me to dab 4 of them and then the spell stopped! Ooops! This event had a series of achievements you could score for bonus TPs, which included one worth 7 (A major win is 20, so pretty big) for not losing a unit - I never expected the score that one so it helped me a lot.
Loads of fun and I'm so happy I got to play Mitzy, absolutely lovely man. Check out the Mitzy and Jimbo Show on Twitter if you haven't already!
Result - Major Victory

Game 124 - DD Invitational Round 2 vs Ben Diesel (Disciples of Tzeentch)
Table one vs Ben Diesel....what year was this?! Diesel had Archaon, 9 Skyfires and some other stuff. This was Scorched Earth. Diesel moved up and was about to use Destiny Dice to jam the Skyfires into me T1.However, as well as the feats/achievements I mentioned above, this event also had a list of special ploys you could use over the weekend (you could only use each one once). Once of these halved the dice of a charge roll, which I promptly used to mean he couldn't make it.
I then charged my army at the 9 Skyfires, shot 5 shots at them with Rock Lobbers (rolled 2 sixes), killed them, double turned him, ran onto his 3 objectives, killed his Marauders/Horrors and um....won the game?! At the start of his T2 Archaon was stood in the middle of the board looking around him wondering wtf just happened!! Diesel did use a special ability thing to bring on 200pts of reserves (3 more Skyfires), which I promptly killed. Archaon rolled 2 for the Eye of Ed Sheeran literally every turn of the game and as soon as I was able to stop Mystic Shield I committed to him and took him off as well.
So after two games I was on 4180 kill points...pretty mental really!
Result - Major Victory

Game 125 - DD Invitational Round 3 vs Ricky Mee @ChippyRick (Grand Host of Nagash)
Ricky had a very solid build of Nagash, Prince Vhordrai, Wraith, 20 Wolves, 6 Spirit Hosts and some Skeletons I think. This was Starstrike...which I only ever seem to play when I'm facing Rick at a tournament. As per the above, I was pretty lucky in that Vhordrai failed to get off Pinions T1, which meant he couldn’t get in range for his breath weapon and failed his charge. I was then able to chuck the Krusha, some Brutes and my insane Rock Lobbers into him and take him straight off. Ricky plays his 20 Dire Wolves in a trolltastic fashion, stringing them the length of the table. He has won some games solely with the way he uses this unit and I was careful to try and not get too many units stuck on it until I was comfortable I had a chance to kill it.
Undeniably, there was more luck on my side here, from the placement off all 3 comets (2 in the centre, and mine on my left where Rick had nothing to contest), to some ridiculous saves on my Maw-krusha vs Nagash. I was able to cheekily get some Gore-gruntas into the back field and score Ricky's for one turn. I think this combined with the Krusha last at least one (arguably two) turns too long vs Nagash meant that it was all a turn too late for Ricky, so when Nagash eventually did clear off most my army, he didn't have time to rack up enough victory points from the objectives.
I definitely find myself playing in a different way vs Ricky, he brings out a more competitive side to my play which I hope he would take as a compliment. I 100% have my closest competitive games with him, which is fun for me...I do feel he is due some luck as I have to hold my hands up and say that I have in our last couple of games.
Result - Major Victory

Game 126 - DD Invitational Round 4 vs Rich Morley @Drakira (Legion of Blood)
Rich had a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon, Prince Vhordrai, some smaller characters and a bunch of other stuff. This was a modified Duality of Death with 3 objectives, which I expected to be pretty tough. I had to go first to stop Rich moving onto the objectives and using the gravesites to summon walls in front of them. My Rock Lobbers were true to form and took off a baby Vampire Lord out on one side, which meant he would be struggling to ever get that objective. In his T1, Vhrodrai went for the Krusha, but failed to do a single wound. What's worse is that the Prince went down himself like a sack of potatoes, failing literally every single armour and death save!! Wow!
At that point, the game was over. In many situations this would be a bit of a downer, but Rich smiled and laughed away, instead deciding to try and rack up a bunch of achievements of which he was able to score a lot. It made for an incredibly light hearted and fun game, with plenty of silly moments, lots of high fives and all the good stuff. My first game with Rich and I can’t wait for the next one.
Result - Major Victory

Games 127 - DD Invitational Round 5 vs Steve Curtis (Grand Host of Nagash)
Wow! More Death! Tbh I haven't played that new book outside of campaign games with @Forestreveries, so it was good to get the practice. Steve had a similar build to Ricky, but with 2x 10 dogs instead of the 20. He also had 40 Skeletons in one unit. This was Total Conquest (is it called that? Squiggly deployment one!), with the added stipulation is that units within 6" of an objective took D3 mortal wounds each player turn - so 2D3 a round. This was catastrophic for my army and completely inconsequential for his. Unfortunately this meant I couldn't give Steve a game in terms of the actual objective.
Instead, we compared achievements/feats and noticed that I had a lot more than him, so he knew the 20 points for beating me might not secure him the event, so what happened instead is that we had a whole game based around him trying to score these achievements, whilst I went out my way to try and stop them...so I at least got to show him some measure of my tactical acumen as opposed to rolling over and losing T2 (like I did in the actual scenario haha!!). I think Steve must've had the real Prince Vhordrai as he stuck around a fair bit longer than Rick's and Rich's! That said, the Krusha made it 3 for 3 eventually. What a hero!
My favourite sequence of the game was Steve spending two turns meticulously setting up to kill a Monster, a Hero and a Battleline unit in one phase (worth 7TP). This included things like circling my 1 wound Weirdnob with Dire Wolves so I couldn't retreat, but not attacking until he was ready to pull the trigger elsewhere. Nagash finished off the Krusha, 40 Skeles finished off the Brutes and the Wolves....well, they failed to kill the Weirdnob, who must've been impressed by Mitzy's and copied his armour save passing prowess.
I was able to successfully shut him down for scoring anymore, so whilst he'd won the battle, I'd give myself a chance to win the war.
This was actually a brilliant subgame of sorts and made for a real different experience. It was great to properly meet Steve, a top bloke who has been doing well for himself with Death over the last year. I look forward to my next game with him.
Result - Major Loss

So there we have it. 4 Major Victories is what I have found to be the ceiling over a 5 game event for Ironjawz and as you can see there’s a fair bit of luck involved. That said, I probably am a little hard on myself and in reality think I played pretty well as well, but undeniably the luck helps to get you over the line.
Because of all the soft scores I knew the final results were going to be interesting and when Paul announced that Rich had scored the most feats over the weekend, I was pretty confident he'd won.

As it was, the top 5 looked like this;

1 - Rich Morley (Legion of Blood)
2 - Chris Tomlin (Ironjawz)
3 - Steve Curtis (Grand Host of Nagash)
4 - Aaron Bailey (Legion of Night)
5 - Mike Wilson (Slaanesh)

Interestingly, Best Army was;

1 - Aaron Bailey
2 - Rich Morley
3 - Chris Tomlin

...and Aaron also got Best Sports (very happy for him to get that in particular). So yeh, it was all very very close at the end. So many permutations where I could've won, which would've been a fantastic way to end this edition, but I can't begrudge it to Rich whatsoever as he's such a top bloke, with a cool army and has been playing it well. Accepting his loss to me early and playing the achievements game was kind of like what I did game 5, but in reverse. So fair play to him, well deserved for sure :)

Oh, I also got Best Destruction as well, so pretty good all in all!!

Steve does need a shout out for being the only player to get five wins (Don't know if he's on TGA?). He had a tough tough run as well, beating Mike (Slaanesh), Liam (Daughters), Russ (Legion of Sacrament) and Carl (Archaon Plaguetouched) before being gifted Ironjawz table 1 final round haha!!

Fantastic weekend, can't thank @Paul Buckler enough for putting it on and for 5 top opponents.
What a way to see out this edition.

Cheers for reading, check back later this week for some terrain pics.

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Sounds like I missed a cracking day☹️ next year I will be there with the jawz cheers for the bat rep mention Chris. That game was super fun I really couldn't of asked for a better first game 

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Thanks for the kind words Chris .  And for the record you are too hard on yourself!  To take ironjaws and beat the newer faction books you did (tzeentch and skyfires - ricky with nagash/vhordrai) requires top play.   I am no way near the like’s of Ricky etc but the Legion of Blood would always fancy an IJ match up, especially in that scenario.  However, you talked through exactly what you needed to do before we started, stopped yourself taking 2nd turn explaining the rationale which was absolutely spot on, and then executed with precision.  

The game was a lot of fun (never have I wanted snake eyes so bad before!) and glad I finally got to play you.  Hobby achievement unlocked.  

Army looks so great on the table as well.  

Top bloke, top army, top sport, huge pillar of the community. enough said ?

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Evening all!

I haven't really been sharing my recent painting progress on this forum (something I need to rectify), however I recently completed a project that I felt compelled to share with you guys.

Basically, I had a client who wanted me to paint his Ironjawz army to match the colour scheme of my very own Black Sunz clan. This took a lot of time but was great fun to do. My own army was started before Stomhost Silver existed, so I have not used that colour on it whatsoever. This is a shame as its the perfect top colour for chipped metal and it really bought this version of the army to life. The basing is also different as it had to match my client's Beastclaw Raiders - because of this, I also painted the Gruntas in a pale scheme as per the GW Mournfang Pack.

Anyway, I won't go on forever, check out the pics and let me know what you think. If you're at Heat One this weekend, this army is being played (by its owner), I'll be there as well, but will be using my Phoenix Temple (I know, boo!).









































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Damn it I was hoping I'd be able to go 0-5 And still be top ironjawz as the only one of us there. Now I'm going to need to compete for it while losing out on the painting side of things 😥

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Looks fantastic @Chris Tomlin (As always) hope he does great with it! And that you both have a good weekend am starting to get tournament withdrawal symptoms myself but won’t be able to anything till south coast 

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