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Chaos Warrior Weapon Angst


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I'm angsting about whether to give my Nurgle Chaos Warriors sword & board or great weapons?

They will be used as a battleline unit in a combined arms (slaves/rotbringers/daemons) Nurgle army with 2 units of plaguebearers filling the other 2 battleline spots.

I like the durability of the runeshield, especially on 2 wound models, but Nurgle army's have plenty of damage soak already. Which makes me think the extra hitting power of the great weapons would be the best way to go, especially given my experience using Liberators and their limited ability to hurt stuff. Then I think, converting the models to great weapons is a bit fiddly while the other option requires no effort and I can concentrate on kit-bashing blightkings bitz. But then I think, man, some of those blightking bitz would make great great weapons... and then I think, it is swings and roundabouts. Some battles, one choice will be more optimal then the other and it doesn't matter what I choose as I cant control my opponent or the dice gods. But if the choice is essentially irrelevant, which one do you go for?


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Perhaps we need to look at chaos warriors differently. 

Our basic troops are no longer the elite fighting force they once were.

They now seem to be a tarpit unit which has potential to deal some damage, we can make them ultra tanky an survive a long while where other troops will have crumbled and died, but should we?

At first it sounds logical, yes. Make them soak up all the damage allowing our other Killy units to do their job.

But who would target them once they've realised this? They'll throw the odd spell at them and then think ****** this I'll shoot the Lord instead now chaos lords can be killed and is just as likely  or more likely to be hurt.


We want our mediocre and underwhelming unit to soak up the damage, which they can, a unit of 20 won't be easily pushed down, they'lldo their job by dying allowing our more murderous units to do precisely that, murder things.

At least that's how I'm going to consider looking at them for a while.


A group of liberators ended up lost in grandfather's garden, once found there were blessed.

what ya think?


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