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Hobbyzone.PL Paintstation Pro


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The nice chaps over at Hobbyzone.pl sent me this paint station to test out.  

It arrived couple of weeks ago but I only just had time to put it together.  I expected it to take all evening but it only actually took around 20 mins.

I'll be doing a full review once its had some use but heres my pics so far.  













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I'm a massive fan of the Hobbyzone product range, I've got 4 paint wall-racks (though I do need to expand it).

Quick delivery (bearing in mind it comes from Poland), excellent price, good construction and looks really smart.  One of the big criticisms I have from laser cut mdf is that it looks shabby with burned edges, Hobbyzone's products don't :)

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Got to agree, I've got 6 of their modular pieces and they're really nice.

  • Flexible setup (magnetised)
  • Easy to put together (you just need wood glue)
  • Durable
  • Quickly delivered
  • Well priced
  • The company has good customer service

Going to get more in the future certainly

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My friend bought this last week. He said it shipped quickly, was easy to put together and a sensible use of space.


Also, he sprayed one half of the bottom board black and the other half white. This is so he can test colour/tone against them before applying to model.

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10 hours ago, WoollyMammoth said:

Organization is for knaves! Real men paint hunched over an unorganized box of paints on a ruined desk.

How do citadel paints fit in it? How many can it hold? Lets see an action pic!

Haha I have loads of the hobby zone set up on a nice desk in the spare room but I nearly always huddle over a box in the living room so I can hang out with the Mrs whilst painting!

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I have this exact model. I didn't add the flappy wing bits and they just got in the way.

I did, however, nail in the bottom piece as I was nervous of carrying it around and the bottom falling off. Overall it's a fantastic.


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I'm currently looking to redo my whole work area with these. My wife is worried that they don't seem very sturdy or that the bottles would fall out if the shelves were moved. What do you all think?

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They are very sturdy, and the paint pots are secure. Unless you tip/tilt it they won't fall out. I had issues with the bottom, thinking that using only glue would not be strong enough. So I used small nails, to ensure it stays there

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