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Thoughts on 2K GH flighty Wood elf list


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Hey all,

long time gamer first time tournament player. Going to a 2k tournie later this year in the uk and wanted to see what the hive mind thought of my list?

Going for slightly old skool wood elf led by Orion and a large pack of hounds list suporrted with a smattering of wanderers.

With the exception of the waywatchers, pretty much everything in this list is rapid as ******. Mostly mounted or flying, with 25 wardancers being supported by bridge of shadows casting shadowdancer to get then where they need to be when they need to be there.

Orion keeps Wild riders from battle shock tests, himself protected and flanked by 10 summonable hounds. Wild riders helped to stick around by spellsinger on purebreed.

Finally, Lord on eagle (cool mini or not snow owl) supported by 4 Warhawks will pick off monster wounds to drop tiers where necessary.

But, all this said - and whilst this list will be (a) undeniably fun to play with and (b) is one I've played with a fair bit  at the club, I'm kinda worried it's lacking 'spiky damage' (bravery one). And not taking advantage of any battalion bonuses, which in this day and age seems risky.

Advcie appreciated.

(ps, have everything treekin withstanding from the wood elf list, plus three treemen and some dryads if you have any other suggestions)

Orion - 380
Glade Lord great eagle - 120
Shadow dancer - 120
Spellweaver purebreed - 120
15 wild riders - 360
4 Warhawk riders - 160
25 wardancers - 300 
12 waywatchers - 240
10 hounds - 200


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Fast, squishy, glass cannons.  I feel like a lord on a dragon would bring the punch and durability you might need -- if you have one.  He fits the list - fast and combat oriented.  His breath also helps control the fight.  

Unfortunately I don't have points on all the other scrolls so i'm not certain what would get cut.  

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I really like using Orion. he's my favourite model and I feel this edition did him justice.

Way watchers are beastly too. 


I like your list! :) Shadow Dancer is 100 points. How are the War dancers, I haven't used them?


A list that I am very fond of is:

Orion (380)

Glade Lord on Forest Dragon (340)

Shadow Dancer (100)

5 Wild Riders (140)

3 Kurnoth Hunters (160)

2 x 3 Way watchers (80 & 80) Battleline

10 Wild Wood Rangers (200)


for 1500 points


...if I was going to bump it up to 2000, I'd add 

5 Hounds (100 / to summon)

Tree Lord (260)

10 Glade Guard (120 / Battle Line)

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