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Melbourne: July 23rd Games Night


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Our next meet up and games is planned for the 23rd July from 7pm at the House Of War in Ringwood.

The last few nights we have play some really great open play-style games. Leading to a raid on a necromancers workshop, a meeting engagement that saw the necromancer Von Kreiger leg it as soon as the vampire lord died and battle for a realmgate at a Nurgle dance party that saw Marius Leitdorf return from the World-That-Was on the advice of Daisy, to name a few.

On the 23rd we are going to try out the GHB matched play rules with 1000pt armies playing one of the scenarios in the book. Small sized games means that we can play a more games in a night. If you are interested feel free to drop in and bring an army to join in on the fun.

These are couple of the games from the last meet up.



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