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Nurgle Mortals - Returning player needs advice


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Dear all,

always wanted to have a Nurgle army, really enjoy Nurgle fluff.

I don't like Nurgle demons and demons as a whole just from the looks perspective. But when I saw Putrid Blightkinds in the End Times I fell in love. Then when I saw them paindted by Third Eye Studio - I decided I want to get back into Warhammer. Havent painted anything for a very long time and in the days didnt have a lot of practice actually.

So my questions are:

I love new Nurgle Mortals looks as a whole and pusgoyle knights too, but standard dark-green color scheme is kinde boring, on the other side, I'm just a newbie painter who also wants to play at some point with beutiful army, so paint by numbers (or youtube videos in this case) could be something I want to, because i dont know how to pick colors on my own yet.

Plus, just a little point, I want open wounds of Blightkings not to look too disgusting. At some points I event wanted to go Khorne as Nurgle's armies nowadays are just too much in terms of blobs and open wounds, I just prefer full armor Chaos warriors with a slight mutations, like back in the days.. So maby you have a tip how can I make all those blobs and cuts lesss disgusting?


My perfect scenario would be something realistic looking and not too boring (dark green + rust gw theme), like on picture attached, I guess most of you saw them.  Maybe someone can breakdown how to paint in such a way with Citadel paints and no Airbursh?

Do I even want to start painting with Blightkinds, maby pick something else to pget more practice ?




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This gritty style is not hard to achieve if you try not to replicate it and just let the effects happen on your model. Steel armor with a bit of typhus corrosion and ryza rust and a pale brown green skin. This can be achieved with a basecoat and some thinned washes and a drybrush. The technical paints in this pictures are drawing your eye quite a bit. I saw go for it. 

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I won't hold this as an example of amazing painting, I do solid battlefield grade painting but not Golden Daemon standard

My starting point would be a black undercoat and then apply Typhus Corrision to the metal areas.

Heavily drybrush the metal with Leadbelcher and apply either Ryza Rust and wash with Agrax Earthshade, or thin down Doombull Brown and apply it in streaks. Highlight the working edges with silver and you're done.

Flesh works nicely for Nurgle IMO with a base of Rakkath flesh, wash with Camoshade and drybrush on Pallid Wych flesh, Kislev Flesh or Cadian Flesh tone depending on how "pink" you want them to look.

Wounds I tend towards a base of either Screamer Pink or Cadian Flesh Tone and then apply Blood for the Blood God

Finally consider brass instead of Iron, for that I use Warplock Bronze, Nilhilm Oxide and a light drybrush of Fulgrim Copper


Couple of examples are below






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