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1500 Skaven List

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Been a while... Wanting get back into my rat boys... How solid does this look? My friends and I play semi competitively mostly sround 1500 pts

Allegiance: Chaos

Warlock or Arch Warlock(140)
Verminlord Warpseer (260)
- General

40 x Clanrats (200)
- Rusty Blade
40 x Clanrats (200)
- Rusty Blade
20 x Clanrats (120)
- Rusty Spear

4 x Ratling Gun Weapon Team (320)
3 x Warplock Jezzails (140)
3 x Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team(180)

Total: 1560 / 2000
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 145

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