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Help with LoN list

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Looking to build a Legion of Night list, so far I have the skeleton horde box, and was wondering what to buy for a good 1,000 point list and then 2k using Mannfred

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Im not an amazing player and have not tested this list yet, but I struggle at 1K list sizes in terms of writing a competent list. But saying that, here’s my go at LON:

vampire lord flying horror -general - vile transference (artefacts and traits undecided)

necromancer - overwhelming dread

40 skeletons 

10 dire wolves

2 morghast harbingers with spirit swords

3 spirit host

the harbingers will stay in ambush and come out when the time is right. The 3D6 charge is perfect for LoN.

everything else will move up and block, claim objectives etc

ive thrown spirit host in just as another annoyance unit, but will summon these in via a graveyard of my choosing.


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