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Tales of Sigmar - Tale of Gamers - Month 1

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Sign ups can be found here.

Welcome to the first month for Tales of Sigmar a Tale of Gamers for Age of Sigmar. Please feel free to post all your purchases, work in progress and completed posts in here to show everyone who's signed up what you've been up to for your pledge.

Format of posts is completely up to you but a template as a recommendation of how it should be is as followed.

Army -

Month 1 Budget: £50
Month 1 Spend:
Remaining Budget:

Looking forward to seeing your progress over the next month. Deadline for Month 1 is Tuesday 9th August.

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Army - Nurgle Rotbringers

Month 1 Budget: £50
Month 1 Spend:
Blightkings - £33.50
Gutrot Spume - £16

Total Spend:£49.50
Remaining Budget: £0.50

So I've always wanted to do a Nurgle Rotbringer army but didn't want to have a massive army and never complete it. I want my Rotbringers army to be a very elite force, lots of Blightkings, a couple of characters, one of the Maggoth Lords and of course Mr Glotkin himself.

This month I picked up a unit of Blightkings and Gutrot Spume, I love the variety of models you can make with the Blightkings, even though they've only got five standard bodies, the different bits you can chop and change really give them character. Gutrot Spume was a favourite of mine since he was released during The End Times. I'm going to be having him at the forefront of my Rotbringer army joining the Blightkings to battle.

Here's my Work In Progress Shots So Far.

2016-07-08 18.07.35.jpg2016-07-08 18.07.50.jpg2016-07-08 18.08.03.jpg

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Army - Flesh Eater Court

Month 1 Budget: £50
Month 1 Spend:

Crypt Ghouls £22.50

Abhorrent King on Zombie Dragon £26.99

Remaining Budget: £0.50

After reading the Battletome, i've fallen in love with the Flesh Eater Court fluff. Scions of the Carrion King, the Courts infest every Mortal Realm, most desperately hiding from the wrath of Nagash. My Court will be doing the same, hiding from the dread lord of death and maintaining their noble kingdom.


The first purchases were Crypt Ghouls and a Zombie Dragon kit. The prices are slightly lower because my store offers at least a  10% discount on GW items. I figured it would be fairer to pay my price for the items, rather than the cheaper trade price.

The Ghouls have been made up as 19 Ghouls, with the 20th being constructed as a Ghast Courtier, who has been dubbed Chester the Jester by my customers.



The King himself has been assembled on foot, rather than mounted on the dragon, to give me a bit more flexibility. Should he prove too fragile, i may have to invest in a mounted version.13600319_10209911700692422_1270765455501


So far i've gotten six Ghouls and the King painted, so only another 14 infantry plus the dragon to finish by the end of the month.13606618_10209911700252411_8974256373153

I'll also be posting a few Youtube videos on the project as i go along. the first can be found here:


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Army- Sylvaneth 

Month one budget 50£

Month one spend 36.5£

I have put up an order for the Branchwych and some Tree-Revenants. 

They are all waiting for me at the post office, when I get home from my summer vacation. 

I will update as soon as I have something to show. 

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Army - The Army of the Argent Citadel

Month 1 Budget: £50
Month 1 Spend: £57.75
Remaining Budget: -£7.75 (oops!)

This tale starts in medias res, not with the Lord of the Argent Citadel, but with one of the more powerful inhabitants, Tzagmak the Everwatchful. A former Lord of Change, he is bound into the silver and brass shell of a Soul Grinder for 999 years of service, for failing to prevent heroes progressing within the Argent Citadel. The Gaunt Summoner, Tritek, now uses him to guard the front gates, tirelessly watching for likely heroes or servants to form or test the trials within.


The Soul Grinder is expensive, weighing in at £41 and whilst the Griffon kit was picked up from a bitz site in a sale, it was still £13.75. The budget may go up a little too, as I'm torn on the idea of the Soul Grinder legs, or getting a set of legs from a Warhammer Giant to use instead.


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Flesh Eater Court

Month 1 Budget: $85
Month 1 Spend: $105

Crypt Flayers $47

Abhorrent King on Terrorgheist $58

Remaining Budget: -$20

Like AdHocGamers, I fell in love with the idea behind the Flesh Eater Courts. My army will be themed on the madness of projection: Ghoul King will have a puppet (King Gorepuppet); Flayers, Horrors, and Varghulf will believe themselves to be riders (which are corpses) on steeds (their own mutated bodies), and I'm still trying to figure out the line troops. I really want to just kitbash some Brets and Empire to give them a courtly feel.

I built King Gorepuppet a while ago, but finally put some paint on him. The Flayers are kitbashed between the actual kit and some Seeker steeds. 




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Army - Bloody Fang Tribe (Mixed Destruction)

Month 1 Budget: £50
Month 1 Spend: £42.30
Remaining Budget: £7.70

Orruk Boar Boyz £19.80

Forgeworld Orc Command Banner Bearer (so half the forgeworld kit) £16.50

10 60cx35 oval bases £6 (5 for the boar boyz now, 5 for next months)

I know rather cheekily I have completed the banner bearer's body, but it's WiP so humour me? :) I am a rather slow painter so I need the head start! I'll use this post as a placeholder and embrace with pics when they're here. The Weirdnob will show in group shots too but he is Month 0 ;)

I have a starter list too. Cheekily, for most months I will be using models I've had for years, though I'll cost them to their current value from GW.

1000 Points Destruction:

Orc Warboss (waaagh Banner, Leader) - 140

Weirdnob Shaman - 120

2x 20 Moonclan Grots - 240

10 Ardboyz - 180

5 Orruk Boar Boyz - 100

1 Aleguzzler Gargant - 180

I know it lacks any special Warscroll stuff, so I doubt it's a massively effective list, but hey, it's basically free :P


EDIT: Photos appear!


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Army - The Stirring of the World Tree (Sylvaneth)


Month 1 Budget: £50
Month 1 Spend:

16 Dryads £21.25
Branchwraith £8.20
Branchwytch £11.20



Remaining Budget: £9.35


Test Dryad:


 This is a really bad picture of it, plus it is missing the basing materials!

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Murder industries 

The founding

I have the 2 of blood bound half of the starter set and my first set of models to paint is the blood warriors the blood decorator and a slaughter priest. 

After that is done I will move on to my khorgoraths and remaining characters. 

Total spend so far $80~


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I choose to do a Bloodbound army after painting these 2 Slaughterpriests last month for Silver Tower.


Due to finding some great deals on ebay I've bought the army upfront.

Month 0 Purchases:
2 Slaughterpriests = £22.00 (£7.00 + £15.00)

Month 1 Purchases:
AoS Starter Set - Bloodbound = £27.00
Bloodbound Expansion Set = £99.90

Total spend so far = £148.90

The AoS Starter Set and Expansion makes Bloodbound one of the cheapest factions to collect, To help me figure out what I'm going to paint each month I've estimated what the models would cost as individual RRP purchases, and it actually turns out almost exactly £300 worth of models, which hits the £50/month for 6 months budget perfectly.  I will start with the Starter Set models, this way if I can't keep up I have a failure option to sell the Expansion Set NIB #planningtofail.

On the other hand if I somehow manage to get ahead of schedule painting the hordes of Blood Reavers then I'll be able to afford to add something extra to the army maybe a large centrepiece.

Month 1 aims and WIP

This month I'm aiming to assemble and finalise my paint scheme on 5 Blood Warriors and the Khorgorath and to finish painting the Slaughterpriests...

21st July Update:

I've done more assembly that I'd planned, having got the starter set Bloodbound all assembled.  Painting however is not going as well.  The Blood Warriors are taking me ages, getting a good coat of the gold on all the metal is a pain, but it's nothing compared to building up the yellow colour on the armour panels.


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Army - Greenzkinz

Month 1 Budget: $85
Month 1 Spend: $40

Savage Orcs, Night Goblin Fanatics
Remaining Budget: $45

I've already got tons to paint that has been in storage for a while. My personal goal is to have all my Ironjawz done within a month or so. I'm not sure if that goes along with the spirit of the ToG, but I promise there will be no lack of things to paint on my part!

I've started converting and painting a Maw Krusha and Megaboss. I've also done a ton of work on Night Goblins getting ready for round bases. 


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Army - Knights Excelsior Stormcast Eternals

So I'm doing my budget a bit weirdly. I've got £200 worth of Stormcast from the starter set and expansion box, and I'm going to be painting a quarter of it each month for the next 4 months.

Month 1: Lord Celestant on Dracoth, 3 Prosecutors, 5 Liberators, Lord Relictor.


Looking forward to getting going on these guys!

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Army- Sylvaneth 

Month one budget 65€

Month one spend Branchwych 18€, Tree Revenants29€, 20 Dryads 25€ 

72€ in total. That makes -7€


Assembled and ready for priming. The Dryads will take til Thursday.



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Great projects everyone!

I picked up my first kit for $61 USD and the ogor rider is left over bits and sculpts from stonehorn kit.

Stonehorn Tervigon with Ogor Rider (don't know title or rank until new warscrolls comes out)

  • Month 1 Budget: $85 USD
  • Month 1 Spend: $61 USD
  • Remaining Budget: $24 USD



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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@StoneMonk Really? I mean REALLY? Awesome conversion. Now i'm a but ashamed to show you my poor try for the wooden Parts of the Revenants. It's just only one to see if i like i think it's ok so i'll stick on with it. As i look at the pics i really need a better light. 



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Whilst I continue to wait for my order from Element Games to show (earliest Saturday as they have to wait to restock an item for me) I thought I go ahead and create a placeholder post to pass the time and also because I felt left out due to all of the other great projects that have started!! 


The he army will mainly be using Skyre formations with a bit of verminus chucked in for some close punch.   We'll see how the army pans out but I'd like to be able to have enough stuff to go full Skyre or full Verminus and obviously mix both.

Army - Skaven (Clans Verminus and Skyre)

Month 1 Budget: £50
Month 1 Spend: £43.56

Stormvermin - £26.14

Warp Lightning Cannon - £17.42

Remaining Budget: £6.44

Looking to test out the paint and basing scheme on the Stormvermin. Hoping to be quite a muted theme picking out one or two bold colours. The basing will be cork and Agrellan Earth that will be painted to represent warpstone. 

Anywho I'm itching to get started as I'm already a weekend behind everyone!!! I have already brought next months models so can at least start next month on time!



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In their defence of the Greywater Fastness, Lord Celestant Pharakis saw fit to take his contingent of Knights Excelsior and venture into the brackish swamps beyond, with the aim of monitoring enemy movement and destroying isolated contingents of Rotbringers and Beastmen in fast, precision ambushes. While initially successful, their overzealous venture soon began to cost them dearly. With no way out of the deep swamp and no way to communicate with their allies, the Knights Excelsior's venture soon became a struggle for survival. Despite being attacked on all sides from the servants of Nurgle, hordes of beastmen, and more besides, over deadly and fetid terrain, the Knights Excelsior's faith in Sigmar was unwavering and their resolve steely. They knew that the only way out was to fight on.


That is the fluff I have in my mind for the way I'm painting my stormcast. Isolated and worn, but fighting strong. Accordingly I have finished my first test model of sorts!


It isn't particularly obvious on this guy under the mud, but the white armour is actually my first attempt at wet blending, using an airbrush zenithal highlight as a guide. It's tedious but I like the result.

Going to be a struggle getting it all painted by the end of the month though as I'm moving house so my stuff will be packed up for a week. I'll try my best though!

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A quick update on my Flesh Eater Court. A video can be found on my Youtube Channel here


So i've managed to get the Zombie Dragon finished, just need to name the little fella13692624_10209960547473561_7182756175244

I've also applied the first coats of paints to Chester the Jester 13700000_10209960549753618_8521238132826


And added some fresh blood to the Ghouls and their noble king13707658_10209960550673641_7363253584293

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Army - Sylvaneth

Month 1 Budget: £50
Month 1 Spend: 
Branchwych - £11.00, Spite Revenants - £17.75

Total Spend:£28.75
Remaining Budget: £21.25

Starting off slowly as I'm just starting to get a feel for the hobby after an extended absence. Not sure how fast I will manage to get things painted with work and a new born so am testing the waters this month.

The new sylvaneth models blew me away and it made me want to paint which is a good sign for me and this is the perfect way for me to build an army!



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