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Events USA: NOVA Open Grand Narrative

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Event Title: NOVA Open Grand Narrative
Event Author: Bostian
Calendar: Events USA
Event Date: 08/30/2018 12:00 AM to 09/02/2018 12:00 AM

NOVA Open will host another Age of Sigmar narrative play event across all four days of the convention, from Thursday, August 30th, through Sunday, September 2nd. Players are invited to bring a painted army of 1,500 matched play points with special army comp provisions, along with a figure of their choice to represent a unique warlord and an airship of their own design and construction. 

After players stake allegiance with one of the four unique guilds, each will participate as a team as individual players in a series of planning, play, and social sessions which make up the prelude and three distinct acts of the grand narrative. Not only will players negotiate alliances and resolve challenges with other teams, they will decide how to spend campaign resources to leverage special abilities and further the power and advantage of their preferred guild.

They will also discover the true nature of a massive godbeast which has arrived floating in the skies above the fields, mountains, cities, and canals of Dawnland.

The grand narrative, as previous years, will feature a variety of events including team planning sessions and epic Triumph & Treachery games, along with the popular Ships of Renown event, and a big coalition of death game across multiple tables involving many players.

Tickets for the convention and associated events are available now at https://novaopenstore.com/Home/EventContainer/17  and the preliminary event pack is HERE.  The team is still finalizing some details. Any questions can be emailed to customerservice@novaopen.com





NOVA Open Grand Narrative

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