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Never forgive, never forget - Death and Vengeance

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Esmerelda looked out from the dock, light glistening off the bay water, the busy Colarcanium dock bustling all around her, the catcalls from the burly sailors falling on death ears, for our to sea the boat was sailing in. The boat that carried her future husband, and with it her future.

Captain Van Slechterik stepped from the boarded planks and bowed before the Duke, risking a coy smile to the Dukes daughter standing just behind, Esmerelda blushed in response.

‘Welcome back Captain’ boomed the Duke, we have preparations to make for tomorrows wedding, they will not be sorted dallying here.

The party strode from the dock, unaware of the horrors that was to befall this city in the coming days…

It had been two days since she had wed, the future torn from her grasp, the city plunged into anarchy and death, monsters were tearing the city apart, her family home destroyed along with all her loved ones. She didn’t know how her husband faired, but reports suggested his unit was still holding strong, and were mostly being utilised as a rear guard force. She was waiting for the relief force to come and save the last of the aristocracy in this sector of the city, a call for an evacuation had be issued as the city was lost.

Troops entered the courtyard of her destroyed palace, the remnants of the populace seeking shelter, they had to make it to the last defensive position, with the last untainted realm gate. They dashed through the streets, their salvation in sight, and even more glorious her husband alive leading the retreat. Moments from reuniting with her love, undead creatures burst from the side roads and alley ways surround her party. She looked up pleading towards her husband, seek aid from her dashing brave husband, reciting in her head the stories abound of his heroism and valour. His cold look returned hers, a shrug of shoulders as he issued an order to close the gates and lock her away from salvation.

Heartbroken, Esmerelda screamed in anguish, realising that he had merely used her to move up in society, a stepping stool. He did not truly love her, they were empty words and empty promises, told from a tongue used to deceit and manipulation of the opposite sex, she had been warned by close friends but had refused to listen to them, and the dark rumours of his flirtatious ways that she has so often forced away came flooding back. He had used her, he had left her to die and she screamed a curse that she would not rest until she had her vengeance, the scream choked to a gargle as deathless hands wrapped around her throat and took the light from her eyes.


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