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Clan Rictus (Much black-pelts yes-yes)


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Afternoon gang!

Just thought I'd chuck up my latest project, while it isn't technically AoS, it is most certainly the warhams.

A group of local boys and myself have opted to get back into the ranked, square based, 6 dice gloriousness ( ;) ) that was 8th.

I'm in all honesty using it as an excuse to paint up another army, and skaven got me by the short and curlies prior to...the bad times... 

So any way, Clan Rictus it is (where young Tretch Craventail comes from). I'll be basing the army mainly around the Death Vermin aka The Black Death, which are the elite of the elite within Rictus' huge swathes of black furs.  So they will be represented in the rules by Queek and his bodyguard unit. Also most of the other units in the army will be based on Stormvermin models (there will be no clan rats as of yet), so for instance the Jezzails will be singleman Stormvermin snipers etc, stuff like that.

Anyway, enough talk, I'll pop up a few pics! 

So my first unit I did to try and get the feel for skaven, were some slaves (can't have skaven without slaves).20180121_170351.jpg.4e5e1f90d8ecd535959471bda4542e3d.jpg

As you can see, there is some Night Goblins in there, so apprently one of Clan Rictus' main exports is enslaved Goblins...thus above :P


This picture is showing the side of the unit and I'm pretty happy with how it encapsulates the sort of swarming look that skaven should have (I hate seeing the slaves all perfectly ranked up like Empire Halberdiers). Points of note in the unit are the little group of Goblins (one even in trouble with one of his erstwhile comrades), a large nasty Wolf-Rat and a Slave driver encouraging the unit forward. 


Just a close up of the slave driver,  just shows how I've done the basing. Opted for a jungle theme as we are currently running some events based around the Lustrian isthmus. 

Now onto slightly more shoot-bang things:

So here we have Skreeskabak Rapidsnout, Clan Skryre permanent hireling to the Black Death. He is the cheeky little nut case that gets to run around with the Brass Orb. Not a very exciting conversion here, but apt..for a dude who ends up being a redirector after he gets mulched.
Above we have his partner in crime (still a bit of a WiP) Friikflem the Ordnancer, Clan Skryre permanent hireling to the Black Death, who has survived over 7 Doom Rocket firings, making him one of the most veteran doom-rocketeers within the underempire. Pretty much poorly stole Rob Hawkins great idea for a doom rocket, but it doesn't look anywhere near as nice :P.


Above is a very brief mockup of a jezzailateer (again spotted a great image on the internet using a skitarri rifle and storm vermin). He'll be mounted on the normal 25-50, with a decent sized pavise (which will in turn have all leaves and what not attached to it). Not sure if I'll have a chained slave/goblin to the pavise or not yet. 

So thats it for now, will turf up some fluff and some more character pics soonly. 


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Thanks gang!! 

Currently painting up the Death Vermin, but thought I'd show you some WiPs of some characters.

First we have Ikiskik Blackchest, Chief Standard Bearer of the Black Death.



He still needs to be armed and the banner needs some more tidying (stiched areas, trophies etc) but you get the basic feel of the model.

Next up, most importantly we have Crittkin Pitch-Pelt, High Chieftain of the Black Death. Given how large and threatening the Black Death are, he is nominally a warlord of a small clan unto himself, even though technically they are still under the rule of Doomclaw and Rictus. He will be my counts as Queek. I tried to have some similarities between him and the middle fella within the Black Death picture.




As you can see, I had a decent crack at emulating the banner, as well as going the strainer eyes on the helmet.

Anyway will try and get some pics of the WiP black death up soonish.




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