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Thy Soul To Keep - A Malign Portents Skirmish Campaign

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Kapitan Alunzo da Leeva and The Rotmoons

The Rotmoons were a band of swashbuckling orruk sky-pirates. They called themselves Privateers, and acted more like pirates, but they spent more of their time acting like explorers than either. They searched the ruins of the Realms for treasures and artefacts from the Age of Myth. Their Shaman, El Doctoro, considered himself an expert on that long-forgotten era and often pronounced, with great complacency and authority, what a found treasure was or its magical powers. He was occasionally correct but only occasionally.

Their skyship, The Rotmoon, was recently wrecked (again!) in the forests of The Harrowmark. They made a deal with another orruk pirate crew, the Ogresuns; under Kaptain Salty Ogbad, to recover their cargo. But Ogbad fled with a small portion of the treasure after losing most of it to the Gilded Hand and the Ordeshal Host. The Rotmoons were reduced to looking for a ship to steal as a replacement. They hoped to cut-out one of the merchants that often call at the Wortbad skydock.

Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss

A dashing and swashbuckling Orc Pirate; young, capable and unusually quick-witted. He was popular with his crew as he got them out of many scrapes over the years but he was unpopular with the other captains of the Ironfang Fleet who saw him as an “upstart young pup”. He was unfortunately prone to shipwreck much more often than someone with his actual skill should be.


El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman

Surgeon, explorer, collector, drug addict (well, Magic Mushroom addict): El Doctoro was all of these to an extent. He often dropped hints that there is more to him than just “the shaman”. He wanted the crew of the Rotmoon to think he was mysterious and complex.


Hammerhead (AKA Tiburón Martillo) - Ogor Maneater

Dressed in the Rotmoons style Hammerhead wore a black cloak and breaches, an off-white ruff, a battered morion helmet engraved with an octopus design and silvered armour. He carried a handgun that he used like a pistol and he liked to twirl his huge cutlass in great swishing arcs.


Dragante - Orruk Boss

A hulking brute of an orruk with a hook for a hand and a bad attitude. He made sure the Boyz did exactly what they were told and bashed heads together when the crews' arguments (inevitably) turned into fights.


The crew...


Juan Dee

Alchemist, seer, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher and advisor to The Rotmoons.


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Prologue - The Perfect Storm

The boyz were all having weird dreams and there were unnatural lights in the sky. Most nights none of the crew got any sleep and had the heebeegeebees about spectres that haunted their minds. The lack of sleep made the crew’s internal animosity worse than usual. The deck bosses had to crack down and split the watches as they fell to fighting and shouting and impaling each other with cutlasses far too often. There was something bad in the air, they said.Everyone could feel it; an aura of dread.

As the nights grew longer, a dread solstice dawned, a season of discontent that grew to cast its pall over even the most vigorous soul. The crews in The Harrowmark called it the Wytch Time. Strange phenomena abounded, every traveller bearing a different tale - some told with shaking hands and wide eyes, others with morbid relish. Traders and explorers carried these ominous accounts through Realmgates to pastures new, only to find that those on the other side had disturbing stories of their own.

~ ? ~

The skies above the Harrowmark started producing more than just water when it rained. Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva and The Rotmoons found that the skulls falling from the stars had a strange amethyst aura around them. They assumed they must be part of the shattered moon's tears, and therefore valuable, so they started collecting them.




As they moved through the village they saw that other warbands were trying to collect the glowing starfall too - a small band of Freeguild and a number of Nighthaunts. Kapitán de Leeva watched them as the two warbands spotted each other - there seemed to be a shared history between them. As soon as they realised who their opponents were they both attacked!




Bold Rik approached the corner of Deathwatch Hall, where some abandoned gear caught his attention.


While the Gilded Hand and the Ordeschal Host fought on the other side of the hall's walled garden.


Kapitán de Leeva waited for Dragante to catch up with him, behind Fallow's End house. Then, doing their best to keep out of sight of the Freeguild marksman and the spirits they moved towards the centre of the village.


A shooting star screamed down into the farmland at the edge of the forest and smashed into a field with an earthy thump.


Percy Percy tramped through the pumpkin field and found the first starfall. He hurriedly loaded the strange bone fragments into his bag.





The Skeleton Champion silently collected another starfall.


The Whyte Lady moved closer to Kalyustar and his retainers while her Spirit Hosts held them up.


The Rotmoons took their loot and slipped off into the darkness.




The Witch Hunter was finally knocked down by the Spirit Hosts.



Lucius, the Venithyan Marksman, bagged himself some starfall too.



The Whyte Lady chased Kalyustar as he tried to withdraw - finally catching up with him outside the gates of Deathwatch Hall. It didn't go well for the Alchemist!


This left the battlefield in the possession of the Nighthaunts, but the starfall almost evenly distributed, with the Rotmoons getting a slightly larger share!

~ ? ~

In the darkness of the inn's back room a single candle lit Kapitán da Leeva and El Doctoro the shaman, as they examined the star-fallen bones laid out on a battered table. The Death magic contained within them was palpable, in Shyish that alone was not unusual. But there was also something else, something stranger... El Doctoro fiddled with his red-lensed eyeglasses and pronounced with great complacency "Even an ill wind can fill our sails. We can make the most of the growing madness, whilst others' hope is replaced with paranoia and superstition."

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The campaign structure

No matter how the signs are interpreted, it is clear that, as war spreads in Shyish, only two things matter: Realmstone and souls. In the turmoil of war, their possession is the only way to achieve a dog of war's objective, whatever that might be. In the Harrowmark, four such individuals look at the Portents and prepare to fight.

~ ? ~

A four-player Age of Sigmar Skirmish Campaign, based on the Triumph & Treachery battleplans, set in the endless malignant forests and isolated villages of The Harrowmark in Shyish during the Wytch Time, or the Time of Tribulations.

NB: all Renown earned after each game is halved for this campaign, when compared to the amounts given in the Skirmish rulebook, to slow down the grow of warbands and allow  for the short game times we need to play in our lunch breaks!

Godfather Viktor is using The Gilded Hand (Freeguild), I'm using The Rotmoons (Orruk Privateers), Wailslake is using The Ordeschal Host and The Emissaries of Nagash (both Nighthaunts) and David is using The crew of The Raidho Othala (Kharadron Overlord Privateers).

Story Arc (A-plot)

Whenever all of us can get together we will play the next A-plot Battleplan:

  1. The Well of Souls (played as triumph & treachery): The signs have led the four to the Shattered Circle. As they witness departed souls converge on the Circle, they know it can belong to one of them only. But sometimes, alliances are forged in a crucible of blood. (Based on how the battle develops and its final outcome, two shaky coalitions are forged).
  2. Race to Destruction (coalition of death): if the signs have been interpreted correctly, a vast deposit of Realmstone lies beneath the grounds around the Hurricane Bell. It is better to share it with one ally, than having to fight many enemies.
  3. The Traitors (coalition of death): the fight around the Hurricane Bell has turned into a war of attrition, mingled with sorties far and near in the surrounding areas. One final push could see one coalition taking control of the realmstone. Yet, the omens are even more dire than usual, as if treachery is brewing. (Two new coalitions will emerge from this battle)
  4. Trapped in the Middle (coalition of death): after a spate of individual actions, two warbands are meeting at the Warscrier Citadel to renew their battle bonds. Warned by signs of incoming disaster, their adversaries ambush them.
  5. King of the Hill (coalition of death GHB2016): [General's name] has become way too powerful, and their plans have almost come to fruition. Can the enemy be trusted, if such a dangerous individuals is offered on a silver plate? Or will the traitor be double crossed in turn?

We will play a B-plot episode when some but not all of us can get together for a game. We will decide which one to play, based on the results of the story-arc episodes so far played:

  • There is now a thriving trade in "protective totems": real and fake. A sinister individual offered a considerable share if a load of totems is safely smuggled through the woods. (Precious Cargo). 
  • The signs are clear. A soul storm will soon hit the Harrowmark. Who will be able to channel its power? (Vortex of Power). 
  • Sometimes, a dagger in the night can be the best way to get rid of a hated rival. (Assassinate).
  • An unnatural darkness has fallen. It might herald more woes for the land, but for now the shapes moving through it surely are a more pressing issue. (Clash at Dawn).
  • The Fiend of the Harrowmark has once again crawled out of its lair. Its body seethes with soul stuff, a price worth fighting for. (Trophy Kill from Beast Wars, if we have an undead monster).
  • The folks of Wörtbad have been hoarding realmstone at the behest of an unknown master. Surely, it would be safer in the hands of capable warriors. (Treasure Hunt).
  • The latest portents have shown the way to the ruins of Blackrocks and the priceless artefacts that lie within. (Seize the Relic, or we can work out a dungeon crawling scenario).
  • The stars have converged and the power of the Kharibdis Occulum is ready to be harnessed. Yet, enemies have caught wind of your plans. (Clash of Fates from Dominion of Chaos)
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Cursed Omens

A plague of dark omens has the Mortal Realms in its grip. The hour of the damned is close. As the Time of Tribulations unfolds, the armies of the living find themselves united against a common foe - the slowly rising tide of undeath. Hidden secrets have been laid bare.

Our actions have attracted Lunaghast to the Mortal Realms, a colossal moon formed of dark datter from the Aetheric Void in which the eight realms hang. Thirsty for secrets and hidden truths, the moon has been lured to Shyish by the slaughter of prophets and seers. Across the lands, the peoples of the Realms are attempting to appease it by screaming their darkest secrets and most closely guarded knowledge from the highest peaks. Lunaghast greedily devours much of the knowledge brought about by these omens.

Hidden Truths of Lunaghast:

Subtract 1 from the Bravery characteristic of enemy units while they are within 12″ of one or more Knights of Shrouds from your army. In addition, subtract 1 from the Bravery characteristic of all models that do not have the Death keyword.

~ ? ~

The Well of Souls

Souls are an abundant resource in the Realm of Death, yet all are bound to but one master - Nagash. Robbing the Great Necromancer of his due is an act of audacity that comes with the most terrible risks, but such are the potential benefits that there is rarely a shortage of those willing to try...

Stealing souls: Each time you slay an enemy model, roll a dice. On a 4+ you have captured the slain models spirit and gain 1 soul token. In addition at the start of any hero phase in which one model from your warband is within 3" of the Well of Souls, you gain D3 soul tokens.

~ ? ~

In a clearing, deep in the endless malignant forest that covers the Harrowmark, the broken dais was now being used for macabre purposes. The Shattered Circle was always known as an evil place. The raw Death Magic that permeated the area was tangible even to those without magic sensitivity. For those with the Wyrdsight the amethyst energies that swirled and eddied around the ruined dais were clearly malevolent and extremely powerful.

Now the Time of Tribulations had come the power of the Circle was laid bare, the soul-essence of anyone who died near it was trapped there and not free to travel to its long-anticipated underworld. For anyone with the right arcane container, and foolhardy enough to try, the trapped souls could be collected.

With their star-fallen amethyst-infused skull in-hand the Rotmoons made their way to the Shattered Circle, via the Gheistgate, intent on gathering a macabre harvest. The words of El Doctoro the shaman rang in their ears: "Harken the Portents of the Black Void!"





Through the gloom of the woods the Rotmoons spotted the Shattered Circle and hurried towards it. Somehow Percy Percy had become separated from the rest of the crew, but the Kapitán was not worried, he would catch up.


Kalyustar and a marksman were lurking in the western woods.


The Raidho Othalas approached from the north. They aimed a Skyhook at the Rotmoons, but the pirates somehow convinced the Kharadron to fire at the Gilded Hand instead by quoting the Code!


The marksman fell, and to Kalyustar's shock and fury, the Kharadron entrapped his soul!


The Rotmoons chuckled to themselves, proud of their sneakiness, but this was only the start of it!




Kapitán da Leeva advanced, with Bold Rikk ahead of him.


The second wave of Kharadron arrived, hidden behind the Freebooter's Tower.


Kalyustar and an Arkanaut got to the Shattered Circle first and both gathered a deathly bounty from the Well of Souls.


The dark signs shifted and the fates contrived. Kapitán da Leeva laughed to himself as he found a way to use them to trick the Arkanaut and Soulchemist into wanting to fight each other, against both of their better judgement!


Kalyustar and the Arkanaut thought for a moment they were deadly enemies! Cutlass clashed with staff and the Arkanaut wounded the Soulchemist.


Kapitán da Leeva pushed passed Bold Rikk and charged at the combatants! They realised that da Leeva was their enemy but it was too late! Blood had been spilled.


The other orruk pirates rounded the Shattered Circle; a harvest of many souls was reaped by all three warbands!


The Kapitán blasted the Arkanaut with a heavy flintlock pistol that was loaded with a mix of black powder and Shyish Realmstone sand, smashing the bullet through the Arkanaut's chest in a flash of fire and Invisible Gheists, then rounded on Kalyustar. The Soulchemist tried to manifest an Arcane Bolt but the magic failed on his fingertips and da Leeva cut him down.


Kapitán da Leeva fired his second pistol at a Thunderer with a Skyhook; the black powder and Shyish Realmstone sand mix once again worked with devastating results! Invisible Gheists swirled around the Thunderer's corpse!

Dragante was felled by the Kharadron Navigator while Percy Percy suddenly disappeared in the darkness - he was warned by the Portents: Don't Go Out Alone! But he did not heed them, to his peril.

Kapitán da Leeva charged and ran-down the Thunderer with a Deck Sweaper, who was unable to match the ferocity and skill of the orruk privateer. The remaining Kharadron Raidho Othalas fell back, happy that their tally of collected souls exceeded that of the Rotmoons!

~ ? ~

Rain hammered on the roof of the abandoned inn. The Rotmoons gathered round the fireplace in the main bar and talked in low voices of the day's adventures. The room was crowded and smokey and drink flowed freely, but there was no sense of revelry.

"The abundance of uncovered troofs allows us an unparalleled opportunity to settle grievances that have long gone unanswered. No gitz will escape our wrath." muttered El Doctoro, half to himself, as he examined the swirly ghostly energies that surrounded and penetrated the starfallen skull.


Soul Tokens:

The Raidho Othalas 6
The Rotmoons 5
The Gilded Hand 1

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Bolet Ghosteater waddled through the stinking mud toward Wortbad. It had been raining for two weeks and the road was almost impassable, but it was only a mile or two to the village now. Something had gone wrong with hi portal though and he muttered to himself and cursed his luck: he was supposed to have appeared in the town square. Now not only was his grand entrance ruined, his feet would be too. The Fungoid Cave-Shaman had foreseen all this, of course, but that didn’t make the bitter disappointment any less unbearable.







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The Black Void

Everywhere across Shyish, waking dreams plagued those who scried the future – including Bolet Ghosteater, for his quest had led him to the heart of the Realm of Death. Like every visionary, mage and wise man he was haunted by the image of a vast black sphere that stole light, warmth and hope from all who witness it.

Yet only at night was its most profound consequence keenly felt. The Black Void, synonymous with oblivion in the mythic symbology of Azyr, hungered to devour all things – and in the Realm of Death, that rapacious nothingness began to consume time itself.

It started with a blink in time, a glitch in the chronology of events that few noticed bar a slight feeling of disorientation. Perhaps, if the cities of Sigmar’s free people had not striven to find order in time as well as space, it would have gone unnoticed, at least for a while. But as the effects worsened, the clockmakers and arcanists of the Amethyst Realm notice their hourglasses suddenly filled with less sand, and that at midnight, their chronocogs and water clocks glitched as if ten minutes has passed without their notice.

And so it had. For in the dead of night, the Black Void fed.

Stolen seconds turned to minutes, and then hours. As more and more time slipped away, even the most primitive and bestial species became somehow aware that their lives were being shortened by an impossible force that preyed on them from the Great Nothing.

The Rotmoons neared the verge of panic as this realisation set in. But while the unnatural darkness might herald more woes for the land, for now the shapes moving through it surely were a more pressing issue. 

~ ? ~

Clash at Dawn

All fighters were deployed in a random quarter of the battlefield (1-4 on a D6) or held in reserve (5-6 on a D6). The skirmish would be won at the end of the Battle Round in which the enemy warband was reduced to half its number of fighters.

The Rotmoons (40 Renown)
Bolet Ghosteater, Fungoid Cave Shaman.
Hammerhead - Ogor
Trollumbus - Fellwater Troggoth
Dodoso - Orruk
Bondon - Orruk

The Heralds of Nagash (48 Renown)

An'sec - Knight of Shrouds
Lord Radclyffe's Riders - 3 Hexwraiths
Noisey William and co. - 3 Deadwalkers

~ ? ~

Bolet waved his staff and sickle is what he hoped was a menacing way and screeched high-pitched orders in frustration and anger. He had found a few wayward members of the Rotmoon's crew and talked them into joining him. They thought they were looking for the rest of the Rotmoons, but the Cave-Shaman had other ideas.

Trollumbus and Hammerhead smashed a Deadwalker to a gooey mess on the edge of the forest. 


The Knight of Shrouds floated down from the watchtower and closed on the pirates.


A Hexwraith headed toward Bolet but the Cave-Shaman retreated.


He shrieked more orders and the big guys ran past him to intercept the ghostly rider. The Hexwraith screamed silently and faded to smoke under the heavy-hitter's barrage of blows.


Bolet chuckled to himself, as he still thought that the battle was going well, but An'sec, the Knight of Shrouds had other plans...



Bondon arrived (late) and a Hexwraith hunted him and rode him down in the darkness.


Another of Lord Radclyffe's Riders galloped out of the night.


The harbingers faced each other and Bolet did all he could to save his miserable life, using every trick he could muster, but the Knight of Shrouds eventually cut down the Cave-Shaman in a cloud of hallucinogenic spores.



The Heralds of Nagash closed in on the remaining Rotmoons from all sides, soon Dudoso and Hammerhead were taken down, leaving Trollumbus the troggoth alone.


The troggoth realised that it was hopeless and he lumbered off into the darkness, craning his neck to look over his shoulder, terrified he was being pursued.

~ ? ~

Meanwhile, in another part of the Harrowmark... Kalyustar and the Kharadron Raidho Othalas met to settle their grievances!




~ ? ~

The inn door burst open, wind and rain poured in. Lightning flashed and silhouetted Bolet Ghosteater in the doorway. Thunder rolled over the forests and hill around Wortbad and he stomped into the bar, slamming the door behind him. Satisfied that he had recovered his dramatic advantage and made a suitable entrance at last, the Cave-Shaman smiled inwardly and waited for a moment before lifting his head. Rainwater scattered across the floor from his soaked filthy robes and ran from the huge umbrella-like mushroom that grew from his skull. With a flourish of his hand he pronounced...

"Behold! I am... ahhhh, Zoggit!"

He slumped in disappointment once more as he realised the inn was empty.

~ ? ~

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The Fragile Cargo

Kapitán da Leeva and a few hands raced over the trees in the yellow cutter. The sail was drum-taught in the winds (both meteorological and thaumaturgical) and the cutter’s speed was exhilarating for all aboard her. They all tried their best to avoid looking at huge spherical Black Void that hung menacingly in the sky above them. The Kapitán sat in the bows with his eyes fixed on a distant landmark: a tower of black rock, some thirty or forty feet higher than the surrounding forest canopy. The crew worked together with only a few words exchanged. Dragante, hand sure on the tiller, only needed to give the slightest of instructions for the crew to know exactly what was needed: a tightened halliard here, or a shift in the yardarm there. The six of them had run up and down this stretch of the Harrowmark for weeks; from Wortbad to Blackrocks and back. Ever since the Rotmoon shipwrecked in the forest.

~ ? ~

While Bolet was making his grand entrance to an empty inn, the Rotmoons had been elsewhere. The sorcerer Juan Dee had told them they needed the protective Lantern of Souls, a device made of brasas and skulls and wreathed in ethereal green fire. It was kept in a tomb in Black Rocks and they had to bring it back to the Rose & Scythe inn by last light on the 21st of Sorows. The orruk corsairs had procured it fairly easily but their return journey was interrupted by the crew of The Raidho Othala, who were waiting for them at the edge of the village.

~ ? ~

Skirmish Battleplan: Fragile Cargo
The Rotmoons - 43 Renown
The crew of The Raidho Othala - 48 Renown

~ ? ~


The orruk corsairs left the yellow cutter at the sky-dock and set off on foot toward the Rose & Scythe.


They hurried but the Lantern of Souls was awkward to carry and Kapitán da Leeva struggled to keep up with the crew.


Lord Ordinator Ironfundson was waiting for them! Having foreseen their mission, but not their intentions, he was certain they were up to no good and determined to stop them.


The Raidho Othalas were right behind him and cheered as the Lord Ordinator started raining comets on the orruks!



Awkwardo set off toward Ironfundson on his own, impetuously and unwisely. The Kapitán considered calling him back but sighed and left the big orruk to try his "plan". Unfortunately he didn't get far as the Invisible Geists in the graveyard dragged him into their underworld.


More starfall rained down on Kapitán da Leeva's head! But the orruk corsair's collection of battered talismans and charms somehow protected him.


Kapitán da Leeva brought down a Doom and Darkness and only a couple of the Kharadron could see a target to shoot at. Unfortunately Geedo Forks fell to a staccato volley from the nearest of them, but only after he and Pez charged and killed the khardron they called "The Fisherman", the one armed with a much-feared Skyhook.


Ironfundson got frustrated by the orruk Kapitán's resilience and charged him, hammers swinging.


The Lord Ordinator took down the Kapitán but the Rotmoons around him avenged their leader swiftly, and picked up the Lantern to try to complete his mission. It got too much for Don Snotto though, and the cowardly grot fled.


The Kharadrons drew closer, blasting the orruks with pistol shot and charging with cutlass. A couple of greenskinz fell but an Arkanaut did too, and that was enough to make one of his crew-mates run for it!


So at the very end only two fighters remained on each side, the Kharadron Navigator felled Bold Rik then an Invisible Geist from the ruined barn grabbed Percy Percy!

~ ? ~

The Rotmoons nursed their wounds as they trudged back to the inn in darkness, and without the Lantern of Souls. The rain started as they got to the front door and came down so heavily that there were soaked through in seconds. They were all already in a black mood before that and the freezing rain did nothing to improve matters. They pushed open the door to find Bolet Ghosteater sitting in front of the fire, warming his gnarled toes.

The Fungoid Cave-Shaman was half tempted to jump onto his chair to make himself silhouetted against the flames and shout at the orruks and startle them, but he saw their faces and instantly thought better of it.

He slumped into the chair defeated. He hated Wortbad already.

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Lands of the Dead

Fleshless vultures circled high above the Harrowmark and skeletal jackals prowled the forests. Bolts and arrows drove them off soon enough, but they were always there, just out of reach.

Worse still were the dreams of the omen some called the Writhing Serpent, the skeletal, snake-like form that haunted the nights of Shyish. Some said it is a familiar spirit of Nagash himself, an omen of his dark will made manifest; others that it was the spirit of Nagendra, Father of Serpents, slain by Sigmar in the Age of Myth. Whatever its cause, it could not bode well, and it slithered through the dreams of Bolet Ghosteater.

The gates into the infamous Great Oubliette were open, where Nagash kept those who wronged him for all eternity.

~ ? ~

Whispered words, as heavy as tombstones slammed into Bolet's mind.


Sweat poured from the Cave-Shaman's brow as he cowered in front of the Knight of Shrouds. The aura of death around the terrible spectral form of the hunchback ghast was oppressive. With shaking hands he handed over the Rotmoons cache of Realmstone Sand, in a deal that Kapitán da Leeva would not have agreed to, even if he had known of it.


Bolet scrambled to his feet and ran. The less time he spent in the company of Nighthaunts the better,a s far as he was concerned. But the Portents were clear, the servants of Nagash were not going to let anyone else win a war in the Realm of Death. A temporary alliance was the only sure way to survive in the short-term. Beyond that he had no plan. The Cave-Shaman had woken from fevered hallucinogen-fueled dreams and gasped for air far too many times for comfort. The visions of a squirming boney snake coiled around him and crushing the breath from his body still loomed large in his mind.

~ ? ~


Race to Destruction (Coalition of Death battleplan): if the signs have been interpreted correctly, a vast deposit of Realmstone lies beneath the ground around the Hurricane Bell. It is better to share it with one ally, than having to fight many enemies.

4 objectives; one in the centre of each table-quarter. Each objective is worth 1VP at the end battle rounds one and two, 2VP at the end of battle rounds three and four and 3VP at the end of battle round five. 1VP is also earned for slaying an enemy General and another 1 VP is earned if the general is the coalition's Warlord.

The Raidho Othalas - 54 Renown
The Gilded Hand - 47 Renown

Death & Destruction
The Heralds of Nagash - 52 Renown
The Rotmoons - 46 Renown



Bolet looked sideways at his new allies. He was deeply distrustful of them but could not let the orruks know that. If they'd thought he had any doubts they would have abandoned him immediately.


Tambor headed for the Fisherman, hoping to win some glory by bringing down the now-infamous Duardin.


Bold Rikk was given the task of looking after the stash of loot. He wasn't pleased until he realised there was a barrel of rum amongst the cache of Realmstone...


An'sec, the Knight of Shrouds, made directly for the Witch Hunter, the Spirit Hosts accompanying him surrounded the servant of Sigmar!


The Balefire Blade bit deep and the Witch Hunter dropped to the forest floor.


A ragged volley of shots rang out across the battlefield as the Kharadron opened fire, the orruks ducked but the shots missed their marks by a wide margin.


Bolet and his bodyguard hurried to the Hurricane Bell, the Lord Ordinator tried to intercept them. The Cave-Shaman's followers leapt on the Stormcast Harbinger with glee.


The Spirit Hosts chewed through the remaining Freeguilders in the forest, who bravely stood their ground regardless of the loss of the Witch Hunter.


An'sec stayed back and watched the battle progress, after he completed his personal objective of cutting down the Witch Hunter.


Kalyustar targeted the Knight of Shrouds with the first of many arcane attacks.


The Knight was very nearly banished but he held a powerful relic: The Ring of Immortality restored his life-force.


But only just!


He re-materialised behind the Hurricane Bell, clinging to the last scraps of his existence!


The Rotmoons advanced through the forests but the death of some of their mates spooked them...


... And a couple of them fled.


An Arkanaut tried to take advantage of the Knight of Shroud's weakened state, but the Knight just drained the soul-stuff of the Kharadron and used it to replenish his own life-force!


After a barrage of gunfire from the Thunderers and a rain of hammer-strikes from Lord Ordinator Ironfundson, Trollumbus the Fellwater Troggoth finally fell.


Bolet fumed with rage! He stuffed a handful of Deffcap Mushrooms into his mouth and let the magical fungus infuse him with potent energy!


... And he unleashed the deadly power of the Spore Maws: With a high-pitched screech, the Cave-Shaman caused the thick spores around him to coalesce into gnashing green mouths which swarmed Ironfundson and the Navigator, and brought down the already-injured Lord Ordinator!

The Kharadron and Freeguild withdrew in good order but they had only managed to hold on to a single stockpile of Realmstone. Two were in the hands of their enemy and the last was left in the field.

~ ? ~


Elated at his first taste of victory, Bolet Ghosteater scuttled off into the woods and started collecting the interesting mushrooms he had spotted there, earlier in the day. He was determined to get absolutely hammered that night.

~ ? ~

Victory Points

Order - 3VP
Death & Destruction - 4VP


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Great work

I love this project

I managed somethingh like this with my bro 

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Most of the Harrowmark is covered by virtually-impenetrable forest: Seemingly endless leagues of dark, tangled, twisted and unnatural woods. It is a corrupted land: the dead trees are warped by death-magic, skull-formed rock formations tower over the forest canopy like islands in an arboresque sea. The symbols and motifs of death are everywhere. 

Things live in these forests: malignant, spiteful things. It is a brave soul that ventures under the dark bowers, brave or foolish, as few who attempt to navigate the winding pathways ever emerge again. The forests are shaped by the death magic that permeates them and the things that emerge from the shadowy bowers are shaped by the forest.

One terrible example is the dreaded Olshovilaag; the Fiend of the Harrowmark. A massive undead construct made from a conglomeration of monster parts, horns, huge black-feathered wings, lots of skulls, tree branches, bones, rocks and broken weapons. A Death-monster, born from the forest itself. A crow-winged “Terrorgheist". The sound of its beating wings fills the villagers of the Harrowmark with dread. It's screeching stops their hearts and shreds their souls!


More photos here!


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At the Behest of Another

The common folk of Wörtbad have been hoarding Realmstone on the instruction of an unknown master. Surely, it would be safer in the hands of capable warriors? (Skirmish Battleplan: Treasure Hunt)

The crew of The Raidho Othala - 59 Renown
The Rotmoons - 50 Renown

~ ? ~


Juan Dee looked over his shoulder one last time then made hast, away from Fallow’s End House. Soon someone would find his message and share the fell news with their neighbours. In a matter of days the work would be begun. He hurried to tell the Rotmoons' shaman El Doctoro that the seed was planted and the crop would soon be ready for harvest.


Mattius Caboteur's heart sank as he read the notice. He wondered if he could convince the other villagers to help with the dreadful task. Fear of the consequences of failure in the eyes of Nagash was a powerful motivator but was it enough to outweigh the dangers of collecting Shyish Realmstone?

~ ? ~



Admiral Grungi Gunnerson and the crew of the Raidho Othala swarmed out of the Realmgate.




Kapitán da Leeva and some of his followers rushed from the Charybdis Occulum toward the ruined barn. The orruk privateer was livid; the stupid villagers had obviously asked for outside help. Their fear had got the better of them in ways El Doctoro had not imagined!


Some of the other Rotmoons followed Walta Rally and Awkwardo, and headed toward the Realmgate.


Dragante took the rest of the crew past the Hurricane Bell.





An Invisible Geist surged out of the skull-cliff of the Hurricane Bell, passed straight through Dragante and stopped his heart!


The Rotmoons were the first to find a cache of hidden Shyish Realmstone (and Kapitán da Leeva was relieved that the day was not entirely wasted).


But the Raidho Othalas find one straight after them!


Tambor, the Rotmoon's drummer, was skewered by an Arkanaut.


The Raidho Othalas opened fire at the Rotmoons: Bold Rikk was shot by a Grundstok Thunderer with an aethermatic volleygun. 


The other orruks in his group were lucky to be missed by the stuccato fire of the volleygun but Percy Percy was blasted by a Thunderer with an aethercannon. Dudoso was picked-off by the Grundstok Gunnery Sergeant.


Garfio was gunned-down by Admiral Grungi Gunnerson himself.


Kapitán da Leeva stepped inside the ruined barn as volley after volley of Kharadron fire whittled down his crew.


Through sheer luck, Awkwardo withstood the vast barrage of focused Arkanaut company pistol fire aimed at him, only to fall at last when a mortar round landed next to him. As a result of this Walta Rally, Anzuelo and Geedo fled.


An Arkanaut spent a suspicious amount of time "searching" through a stack of barrels but found no treasure.


Parche tried his best to hide but the Arkanauts outflanked him and shot him under the skull cliffs.


The Raidho Othalas found their second cache of Realmstone.


The Admiral left one Arkanaut to guard it and the rest of the company charged forward to try and claim Kapitán da Leeva's find... The Kapitán took his loot and slipped into the darkness beneath the trees.

~ ? ~

At the last moment the Kharadron avoided a draw (even though they had killed all-but-one of the orruks!) and won a Major Victory: holding 2 Treasure caches to the Rotmoons' 1.

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Lights in the Sky


Bortagno and Dragante sat atop the Wortbad skydock and passed a bottle of stolen grog back and forth. In the darkness a single candle inside a lantern illuminated their gnarled faces. Stars glimmered through gaps in the thin cloud that raced across the sky. Around and below them the blackness of the forest was darker than the heavens above.

"How long has it been since we last saw one?" said Bortagno quietly.

"I... uh... maybe a fortnight? Maybe longer." said Dragante between gulps of rum.

"It don't seem right. I was sure there would be more, and more often here."

"I know, but with all them dead not bein' friendly types, you can't blame them for not coming here, now can you?" said Dragante, Bortagno nodded and accepted the offered bottle.

After his swig he said "But it ain't that they ain't stopping here. It's more that they ain't even passing. We haven't seen a sail by day or a light by night for an age now."

Dragante's forehead creased as he made an effort to remember. But he gave up after a minute or two and took back the bottle.

Bortagno put his small spyglass to his eye and made another sweep around the horizon. As he passed the black shape of Mourning Hill, recognisable even in the darkness from it's three peaks that obscured the stars, he stopped. He took the spyglass from his eye and blinked, then looked again. there was a light! It was faint though - further away than Mourning Hill.

"I think there's a ship!" said Bortagno as he passed the spyglass and pointed. Dragante squinted for a moment then nearly dropped the brass telescope.

"We have to tell the Kapitán!" he shouted but neither of the orruk Bosses stood up. They followed the slow-moving light as it drifted along, just above the horizon for several minutes before they remembered themselves and called down to the other Rotmoons who were milling-about at ground-level.

~ ? ~

Bortagno, newest member of The Rotmoons crew to venture into The Harrowmark.






As I can only use one orruk Boss at a time in AoS Skirmish, I will have to swap out Dragante to use him. But I like the sound of "Bortagno and Dragante". They sound like the comic relief in Shakespeare. Or maybe Samuel Beckett.

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The Beast's Lair

The Raidho Othalas - 64 Renown
The Gilded Hand - 55 Renown
The Rotmoons - 54 Renown

Beast's Lair Battleplan from Path to Glory, with house rules:

  • Turn order (for 4 players) from Triumph & Treachery. 
  • The Beast was Olshovilaag, the Fiend of the Harrowmark with its' own turn - it was the "4th player".
  • When the Fiend's turn started we rolled off to see which of us got to control it for that Battle Round, with a limit that the player who took the turn just before it cannot control it in the next turn.
  • The player that causes the final wound on the Fiend wins the game!

~ ? ~

El Doctoro the shaman woke with a start. He wasn't sure what had woken him but he fumbled in the darkness to get out of his hammock and light a candle. He put on his red-glass lenses and looked around the attic room of the inn where the Rotmoons were billeted. There was nothing out of the ordinary, but something had made a noise. Maybe it was just in his dream? The splitcap mushrooms he ate last night, recommended by Bolet Ghosteater for their power, were probably to blame.

Then he heard it again.

It was like the harsh caw-ing of a crow, but much louder and distinctly unnatural. El Doctoro opened the shutter on the small window and peered out into the dim predawn light. Beyond the edge of the village was the virtually-impenetrable forest: Seemingly endless leagues of dark, tangled, twisted and unnatural woods. Dead trees were warped by death-magic, skull-formed rock formations towered over the forest canopy like grim islands in an arboresque sea.

A huge dark shape suddenly swept past; the lingering impression of black-feathers, skulls, branches, bones, and rocks: A Death-monster, born from the forest itself. A crow-winged nightmare.

~ ? ~


The Rotmoons hurried through the ruins in the forest.


Olshovilaag stirred...


The Pistoleers of the Gilded Hand bravely galloped forward toward the forest lair of the Olshovilaag.


The Raidho Othalas kept their distance, using the houses at the edge of the woods for cover.


Some of the Pistoleers tried to outflank the Olshovilaag.


The revolting creature flapped its ragged black wings and flew out of the trees, it screeched at the nearest Pistoleer and its terrible voice scythed through the unfortunate trooper's soul!


The Fiend then turned on the Kharadron heroes, snapping it's beaked maw at the and clawing them. The fetid stink of its grave-breath was almost overwhelming!


Amazingly the duardin survived, held their ground, and were able to strike back!




The Rotmoons rushed toward the lair of the creature, hoping to loot any treasures it had collected.


Olshovilaag disengaged from the Raidho Othalas, after they poured a huge volley of fire into it's rotting carcass, and turned its attention on the Pistoleers again, shredding another trooper's soul.


The Kharadron blasted it with a second concentrated volley...


The Rotmoons could only watch as the beast seemed to come apart at the seems. A huge flock of ragged black crows burst out of the beast, as if its essence was transmogrified at the moment of it demise. The Wortbad villagers knew that this had happened every time someone tried to kill it, but none of the warbands had listened to the peasants!


Don Snotto squeaked a warning that both the opposing warbands were now turning their attention on the Privateers; it was time to leave!


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The Soul Vortex

The signs are clear: A soul storm will soon hit the Harrowmark. Who will be able to channel its power? (AoS Skirmish Battleplan Vortex of Power)

The Rotmoons  - 59 Renown
The Gilded Hand - 58 Renown (by only 57 Renown worth deployed)

~ ? ~

On the edge of Wortbad, where the forests started to encroach on the village, a swirling column of howling soul-energy ripped through the flotsam and jetsam from a hundred lost sky-ships. Shipwreck timbers, rigging, a battered wooden skycutter, and anchor and even a shattered cannon were swept up in its maelstrom and spun around the spiralling storm of Death-magic. Leering ghostly skulls coalesced and dissolved in the green vortex as it twisted and writhed. It slowly, almost imperceptibly, drifted through the forests toward the village.

~ ? ~



~ ? ~

Bortagno jumped to his feet and started shouting: he roused the sleeping Rotmoons with curses and threats. The orruk privateers rubbed their aching heads and grumbled and moaned but they still tumbled out of their hammocks and gathered their weapons.


When they assembled around Bortagno to find out what was amiss they found Kapitán da Leeva was with him. The Kapitán looked like he was in a black mood and their grumbling fell silent.

Rockeye Fuerte - a very deaf Ogor Leadbelcher Thunderfist carrying a ship's cannon under one arm - pushed his way through their ranks.

In the silence they could hear a distant crashing of timbers and a low unnatural howl. Both sounds were getting louder and closer. Awkwardo opened his mouth to ask "What's dat?" but he closed it again before the words escaped, as the Soul Vortex flowed through the trees in a whirlwind of debris.


~ ? ~

From further down the tree-line another warband appeared and Bortagno started shouting again. He barked out orders to the crew to form up by watches. He ran toward the Vortex and the starboard watch followed him. The port watch gathered with Rockeye around the Kapitán.


Bortagno bellowed at his Ladz to charge but just stood and watched them go - he was rooted to the spot! Skeletal hands clawed out of the dirt and held his legs firm!



After a deafening blast from Rockeye's cannon, Kapitán da Leeva and his followers charged through the cloud of black powder smoke and crashed into a group of Freeguild - the Kapitán tore through them! His flashing kutlass struck at necks and knees and elbows. The experienced freebooter knew just where to strike to disable his foes!



The Freeguild troopers and orruk pirates crashed into each other.


Freeguild crossbowmen fell and the swordsmen lept into the gaps in the line.


A crackle of lightning erupted from Kalyustar's fingertips and speared through da Leeva.


Two pistoleers galloped from the flank and opened fire on the orruks.


After a point-blank shot from a crossbow dinged off his armour the Kapitán retreated! But he had a plan...


Awkwardo fell to the hooves of one pistoleer while the other charged Bortagno.


Kapitán da Leeva used the Black Void Portent to spring The Jaws of the Trap. After his retreat from the fight with the Freeguild he charged Kalyustar! The Soulchemist had little hope of defending himself and only barely managed to survive the onslaught, but as usual he had a trick up his sleeve - Kalyustar had found a Token of Time! As the wizard fled he smashed the tiny hourglass and some of his wounds healed! He was not returned to his full strength but it was enough to save his life for now.


The tide of battle started to turn against the orruk privateers.


Skeletal hands burst from the ground once more and clutched at Rockeye, they couldn't stop the brute but they slowed his stride.


Bortagno was shot down by the combined volley of both pistoleers' guns.


Kalyustar ran through the whirling debris and soul-energy to hide among the mausoleums. In a fit of rage da Leeva struck down a hapless crossbowman who was aiming at a fleeing orruk.


When the pistoleers chased down the other orruks the last four pirate crew turned and fled.

~ ? ~

The Rotmoons failed to stop Kalyustar gathering power from Soul Vortex. Yet, the disruption was enough to force Kalyustar into hiding. The Gilded Hand earned a minor victory but the story is far from over....


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Capture the Sky Dock

A skyvessel passed over Wortbad but the captain was too fearful to land. He dumped the cargo bound for the village overboard onto the dock without slowing but it tumbled off the wooden platform in all directions. Now there is a free-for-all to claim the best stuff.

3 players, Skirmish Battleplan: Treasure Hunt, with Triumph & Treachery turn order.

~ ? ~

The crew of The Raidho Othala, 70 Renown, The Bloodied Skull
Arkanaut Admiral Grungi Gunnerson
Endrinmaster Fimirdul
The Fisherman - Arkanaut Company with skyhook
2 Grundstok Thunderers
2 Endrinriggers

The Gilded Hand, 63 Renown, The Writhing Serpent
Kalyustar of the Gilded Hand, Soulchemist - Collegiate Arcane Battle Wizard
Fernando amd 3 Fancy Fencers - Freeguild Guard
Lucius Scopos and 4 Venithyan Marksmen - Freeguild Crossbowmen
Karol and 4 Cuirassiers - Freeguild Pistoliers

The Rotmoons, 64 Renown, The Balemoon
Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss
Hammerhead - Ogor Crusher
Rockeye Fuerte - Ogor Leadbelcher Thunderfist
Bortagno and 7 Orruk Boyz
Don Snotto - Grot

~ ? ~

Captain Bodrin Bok of Harrowmark skyvessel The Selachii leaned on the gunwales and looked down on the forests. The wind ruffled his already wild hair and long forked beard and he grunted with annoyance. They had been contracted to bring a load of cargo from Leechminster to Wortbad and they were already a week late. Now they found the village was occupied by orruk pirates. There were even a couple of greenskins on the dock itself - there was no chance they were going to land there.

He turned to the nearest crewman, that happened to be his nephew Anthor, and told him as much.

"Get ready to dump the Wortbad cargo overboard. We ain't picking anything up this run. We can come back over on the return leg if the winds are in our favour." he said. Anthor looked worried but didn't argue with his uncle. He knew better than that after the year he'd had aboard the Selachii.

As Anthor was about to head aft Bodrin said "Tell Darvon to come forward will you?" the boy nodded.

Anthor found Marcyn, Rohar and Josian and told them what was happening and together they started loosening the cargo nets. As they were about to pass over the skydock for a second time and let the cargo nets fall open, Darvon cam on deck. Anthor waved the Warrior Priest over.

"The Captain wants a word with you and I don't think you'll like it. But please do fight with him!" the boy pleaded. Darvon scowled but said he would do his best.

Brother Darvon walked forward along the deck, clinging to the rigging as he was still unsure of how safe the sky ship actually was, even after the long voyage, just as he approached the captain the crew let go the nets and barrels, sacks and crates tumbed out onto the deck of the skydock. Most of it bounced and rolled straight off again, carried by the momentum of the ship.

Darvon stopped and stared in horror as the cargo crashed to the ground 20 or 30 feet below.

"Ah, good Brother. I'm afraid we won't be setting you down today...."

~ ? ~


The Rotmoons, and others, saw the skyvessel approaching the small village long before it passed overhead - they had seen its running light in the darkness a few weeks before and watched it keenly as it made its slow and ponderous way across the thickest parts of the forest, struggling against the wind and the magical currents that swept across the trees. By the time it reach Wortbad there was no chance of keeping its arrival secret and a number of warbands had gathered to watch it dock. When it passed overhead without stopping there was a great outcry from all of them, but they realised quickly the ship was circling to make a second approach. When it didn't slow the second time but just emptied its hold onto the skydock landing stage (and the ground around it) they prepared themselves for a fight to get the best of the crop!


Rockeye sprinted ahead and took the skydock first (which surprised everyone since he was carrying a cannon!) and he searched through the pile of goods that had fallen right at the foot of the tower, but he found nothing of worth there.


The rest of the Rotmoons followed, not far behind. hammerhead and Don Snotto continued their argument about which was better: pork or beef. Bortagno growled at them to "Stow it!" with a sideways glance at the Kapitán.


Karol and the Cuirassiers trotted through the woods ahead of the Gilded Hand. The fencers and the Marksmen ran to keep up but slowed as they passed through the uneven ground around the trees.


The Raidho Othalas hung back around Fallow's End House to watch what unfolded.


The Cuirassiers sped up to a gallop as they broke the tree line. One of them held back and searched the crates dumped outside the walls of the dock - he found it was worth holding on to it!


And in a clatter or pistol reports and a cloud of powder smoke they charged into the skydock's grounds and crashed into Rockeye.


The Rotmoons approached and got ready to make their move.


While the Marksmen peppered them with crossbow bolts.




A Thunderer with an Aether Rifle took out a Cuirassiers then the Endrinrigger with a Drill Cannon wounded Hammerhead.


Buoyed by their successes the rest of the Raidho Othalas advanced cautiously.



Rockeye and the Cuirassiers battled furiously, in the cramped courtyard neither side was able to use their normal tactics and they held each other at a stalemate.


The other Endrinrigger was exploded by an Arcane Bolt from Kalyustar. The Raidho Orthalas were shaken by the Sum of All Fears then and three of them ran.



The Gilded Hand were then assailed by foul spirits, portained by both the Rotmoons and the Raidho Othalas, the Sum of All Fears shook then and four of the Freeguild fighters fled in terror.


The orruk privateers charged, with the Kapitán in the lead.


Geedo Forks and Dudoso found their cache of loot had some very useful supplies within!


Rockeye blasted Karol at point-blank range. Kapitán da Leeva's kutlass lashed out and two Cuirassiers fell, then the other orruks joined the fight, leaping over the ruined walls, and another Cuirassier fell.


~ ? ~

The Rotmoons held two of the more tasty piles of loot. They claimed a Major Victory as a result! The Raidho Orthalas fell back toward the centre of the village and the Gilded Hand withdrew into the forest.

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Messages in the Rain

Three warbands meet in Lashing Rain, all attempting to Kill the Messenger.

Battleplan (Open War cards):
Objective: Kill the Messenger
Twist: Lashing Rain
3 Players - Triumph & Treachery turn sequence

The Rotmoons: 73 Renown
Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss
El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman
Hammerhead - Ogor Crusher
Bortagno and 5 Orruk Boyz

The Raidho Othalas: 73 Renown
Arkanaut Admiral Grungi Gunnerson
3 Endrinriggers
3 Skywardens 

The Gilded Hand: 67 Renown
Kalyustar of the Gilded Hand, Soulchemist - Collegiate Arcane Battle Wizard
Fernando amd 5 Fancy Fencers - Freeguild Guard
Lucius Scopos and 4 Venithyan Marksmen - Freeguild Crossbowmen
Karol and 4 Cuirassiers - Freeguild Pistoliers

~ ? ~

The Rotmoons listened to the rain hammering on the roof slates of the chapel on a quiet street of Wortbad. They had been sheltering inside for over an hour while Kapitán da Leeva sat with quill and ink and scratched away at a pile of papers. He frequently cursed and crossed words out and by the time the letter was done and sealed with drips of red chapel-candle wax the crew were restless and bored. Bortagno had not covered himself in glory over the last two weeks and he felt like he had something to prove. The hands were getting argumentative and at least one of them had been stabbed while they waited out the rain.

Finally, when the letter was safely tucked into a leather wallet and buckled into Hammerhead's bag, da Leeva gave the word fo the crew to make a move. But through the noise of the rain another sound made its way in. A droning whirr that sounded neither natural nor supernatural. It sounded mechanical, and these days that could only mean one thing: Kharadron.

~ ? ~


The orruk privateers bundled out of the chapel into the graveyard.


They saw that it was not just the duardin arrived.


A floating swarm of Endrinriggers bobbed and weaved over the woods...


... and into the grounds of the skydock.


The Raidho Othalas motored forward, over the ruined bridge of the skydock and opened fire at the Rotmoons. Bullets rained off the stone walls of the chapel but none found their mark!


El Doctoro tried to focus the energies of the Great Waaagh! but he got nothing but sparks that fizzled out on his fingers.



Bortangno and Percy Percy charged the Raidho Othalas and killed an Endrinrigger.


Invisible Geists dragged Geedo Forks away screaming! A Drillcannon round punched through Hammerhead's cloak and badly wounded the swashbuckling ogor. The exploding fragments peppered Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva!


The rain stopped abruptly and the Freeguilders of the Gilded Hand moved up through the woods.



The Raidho Othalas fired a blast of Aethermatic Volleygun shots at Hammerhead but he shrugged off the single bullet that found it's mark - it dinged noisily of his engraved helmet.


Arkanaut Admiral Grungi Gunnerson charged into Bortagno and Percy Percy, he smashed Bortagno with his hammer and shot Percy Percy in the back!



Lucius Scopos and the Venithyan Marksmen loosed a volley of crossbow bolts at Hammerhead but the Ogor finally fell to the clawing spectral hands of an Invisible Geist.



Karol galloped away from the battle, his saddlebag containing a secret letter from Kalyustar to Pieter von Toorn.



The remaining Rotmoons were chased off by the pistoleers who charged them in clouds of black powder smoke.

~ ? ~


As the skies opened again and the storm returned the letter from Kapitán da Leeva to Bolet Ghosteater was lost in the stinking quagmire of blood and mud and rain....


~ ? ~

The Raidho Othalas earned a Minor Victory for killing one messenger but the Gilded Hand's messenger escaped.

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The Night of the Comet

The portents show a star will fall from the heavens and three warbands race to collect the bounty they assume it will contain... but all is not as expected.

Battleplan (Open War cards):
Objective: The Comet
Twist: The Dead of Night
3 Players - Triumph & Treachery turn sequence

The Rotmoons: 76 Renown
Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss
Hammerhead - Ogor Crusher
Rockeye Fuerte - Ogor Leadbelcher Thunderfist
Bortagno and 8 Orruk Boyz
Don Snotto - Grot

The Heralds of Nagash: 76 Renown
An'sec, the Knight of Shrouds
The Whyte Lady - Soulblight Vampire
Lord Radclyffe and the riders of Ordeschal - 4 Hex Wraiths

The Gilded Hand: 70 Renown
Kalyustar of the Gilded Hand, Soulchemist - Collegiate Arcane Battle Wizard
Fernando amd the Fancy Fencers - 6 Freeguild Guard
Lucius Scopos and the Venithyan Marksmen - 8 Freeguild Crossbowmen
Karol's Cuirassiers - 4 Freeguild Pistoliers

Arriving at the start of Battle Round 2:

The Raidho Othalas: 45 Renown
3 Endrinriggers
3 Skywardens

~ ? ~

El Doctoro and Juan Dee both looked up as some of the Rotmoons entered their makeshift study. The candles guttered in the wind until the door was once more closed. The orruk shaman muttered his annoyance and got up. He shuffled around the room relighting the candles that the wind had snuffed out, using their still-lit neighbours flames. When he was done he settled back onto his chair and picked up another bundle of papers. After leafing through them for a few minutes he picked up a quill, dipped it in ink and held it above a notebook for a few moments while he stared at the ceiling.

He started writing When he reached the end of the page he tore it out and handed the paper to Juan Dee. Dee looked it over then added his own notes and passed it back. El Doctoro considered the additions for a moment then let the page fall to the floor, among a dozen others.

Don Snotto turned to Megellun and gave him a meaningful look. Megellun nodded and whispered "They is gonna be up all night again, ain't it alike I said to you already? Scratching away and chuckin' their scraps all over."

Don Snotto whispered back "What is it they're doing?"

"Jiggered if I know mate." hissed Megellun.

"More ink! You lazy swabs, jump to it!" The grots both jumped as El Doctoro shouted at them.

~ ? ~


As daylight faded the Rotmoons set off into Wortbad again, with instructions from El Doctoro of where to find the landing site of the comet that should fall from the heavens that night.


It seemed that Juan Dee and El Doctoro were not the only mystics who had predicted the starfall.


The Heralds of Nagash and the Gilded Hand were all on the move in the darkness.



Kalyustar took up a vantage point in Deathwatch Hall, overlooking the Skydock.


His Fearsome Reputation and and the Soul Steal portent combined to inflict harsh wounds on the Troggoth, who fell before even his mighty constitution could knit his injuries back together.


The Rotmoons Bold Rikk and Deestro were shot down by crossbowmen as the Gilded Hand hurried forward.


Da Leeva was charged by two crossbowmen and a pistoleer.


Rockeye the Thunderfist slammed a Hexwraith with his Leadbelcher cannon.


Another Hexwraith took on a pair of pistoleers.


The Kapitán killed the crossbowmen and wounded the pistoleer.


Two orruk privateers fled but the Kapitán impaled the pistoleer with his kutlass!


The Kapitán used the Sum of All Fears to make two Gilded Hand Swordsmen flee and the glimmer of light overhead turned out not to be the comet, but a Kharadron ship!



The Raidho Othalas dropped from the clouds!


Kalyustar's Fearsome Reputation combined with a portent of Precursor Wounds opened sorcerous injuries in the Kapitán's flesh.


...while Bortagno and the Ogors battled Hexwraiths.


The Endrinriggers and Skywardens swooped forward.


Another volley of crossbow fire darted through the trees.


Two pistoleers charged another Hexwraith and one of the pistoleers died.


Kapitán da Leeva got ready to charge Kalyustar but the wizard ordered his men to guard him.


The Fancy Fencers rushed through the grounds of Deathwatch Hall. So Da Leeva took another tack.


The Rotmoons charged the Skywardens and Endrinriggers, Kapitán da Leeva killed an Endrinrigger but the other killed the Kapitán by stabbing the big orruk in the back.

Tambir was pistol-whipped, Geedo was speared, Bortagno was cut down by a passing Hexwraith that then rode through the very walls of the Skydock, and galloped up to the landing platform!


The last two Rotmoons orruks, Percy Percy and Anzuelo, fled - only the Ogors were left from the privateer crew.

A huge volume of Kharadron gunfire at the Nighthaunts did nothing.


The White Lady caught up with kalyustar!


The actual comet finally landed - just outside Deathwatch Hall, right next to the crossbowmen, covering them with a shower of dirt and small bone fragments.


A Skywarden attacked the Skydock, killed the garrisoning Hexwraith and wounded the Knight of Shrouds that had joined him.


The Ogors and the Kharadron formed a hasty, and very temporary alliance.


The portent Sign of the Dead Flesh healed all the wounds the Knight of Shrouds had received as he occupied the Skydock.


The Ogors charged into the building in a cloud of blackpowder smoke.


Kalyustar used a Shield of Bones but the White Lady charged him. He used a Token of Time to heal 2 wounds then retreated! He ran back to Deathwatch Hall while a pistoleer dealt with the last Hexwraith.



A vast and sustained volley of fire was aimed at An'Sec but he shrugged it all off. The Fancy Fencers duelled with the White Lady. She killed their Piper, fed on his blood and rejuvenated herself!

Another volley of fire scattered the essence of An'Sec but the Knight of Shrouds was saved by the Ring of Immortality once more! His spirit coalesced again near Fallowsend House. The Kharadron chased him and shot him again. This time he could not reform himself and he was gone, dissipating like smoke in the wind.

Kalyustar aimed an Arcane Bolt at the White Lady.


And with that the Gilded Hand scored a Major Victory by securing the comet!

~ ? ~

The next morning while nursing a mug of rum, Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva considered recent events. The Rotmoons had fought a long, and mostly unsuccessful, campaign around Wortbad and they seemed no closer to getting a ship. Their allies, Hammerhead and Rockeye the Ogors, and Bolet the Fungoid Cave Shaman, had not been a great deal of help. They had only achieved one big win on their own (and their only other win was in alliance with the Heralds of Nagash!). It may be time for desperate measures. It was time to fight fire with fire.


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Lots of hobby goodness in this thread. Your atmospheric photography deserves particular praise :)

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The Dead Shall Bar the Way

Karol the Cuirassier was sent by Kalyustar to find the Witch Hunter, Pieter van Toorn. The mission took longer than expected but it was a success, and the pair raced to the Soulbridge, a Realmgate near Leechminster, to get back to Kalyustar in Wortbad.

But there was a someone waiting for van Toorn...

~ ? ~

Hagel Rotshroud cackled to himself and hobbled through the forest that had overgrown a dozen graveyards and tombs, making the area an arboreal necropolis. He attendants followed him without comment or reaction. The man was old and stooped but seemed happy in his work. 

Hagel stopped at the edge of a clearing and looked about himself. He sighed, cackled again, then motioned to one of his followers. The Deadwalker shuffled toward him and turned to allow Hagel access to its bag, from where he pulled a half-dozen large candles.

The necromancer set the candles on a nearby tomb and lit them one by one, then he waved over another Deadwalker which handed him a large book it had been carrying. Hagel carefully opened the heavy book at a marked page.

The old man read in silence for a few minutes. His attendants stood motionless and silent. The Hagel cleared his throat, raised his hand in a suitably dramatic pose, and was about to start performing a ritual when a noise behind him distracted him.

Someone was talking, and not far away! Two people even. A conversation!


Hagel Rotshroud was stunned. No one ever came here! He hurried toward the sound and hid behind a mausoleum.


Karol and Pieter van Toorn realised that a dark shadow had passed over the forest and drew their swords and pistols.


Hagel leered at the pair round the corner of the tomb then darted back out of sight. He waved a hand at his hurd of Deadwalkers and they started shambling forward toward the interlopers.


With another arcane gesture  he brought forth the power of Shyish and more Deadwalkers joined his little band, shambling out of the woods and from open crypts and tombs.


The Witch Hunter and Cuirassier heard the creak of mausoleum gates opening from within and reacted swiftly. Pistol shots rang out in the silent twilight.


The head of a deadwalker exploded as a blessed silver bullet ripped through it!


Karol and Pieter both charged into a lone Deadwalker and crushed it...


But more appeared in the following moments they were swarmed and nearly overwhelmed.


They pushed through the crush of dead clawing fingers. Pieter's greatsword smashed through three 'walkers in a single deadly swipe. Karol broke away and galloped through a copse of trees.


More Deadwalkers came to Hagel's summons, and more still. The necromancer cackled to himself again. Surrounding himself in an amethyst aura of protection.


With several of his Deadwalkers grabbing at Pieter's clothing and gear, holding the Witch Hunter in their deathly grip, the necromancer turned his full attention on Karol.


Deadwalker after Deadwalker shambled toward the rider, clawing at his legs and his terrified horse.


Hagel advanced on the rider.


Pieter dealt with most of the 'walkers but one was more tenacious!


The necromancer exerted his will on the Deadwalkers and they pulled Karol down.


Seeing his moment the old man charged, amethyst energies crackling round the skulls hung on his staff.


Karol succumbed to the assault but Pieter was able to free himself from the Deadwalker's grip and run for the Realmgate!


~ ? ~

The was a spur-of-the-moment narrative game, played because David and Rob could not make today's planned 4-player game. 

We wanted to tell the story of what happened when the Currassier, sent to find Pieter van Toorn, found the Witch Hunter (a chain of events triggered in an earlier game but not yet fully explored), so we played fast and loose with the normal AoS Skirmish rules. I had control of an NPC warband with double the Renown of Viktor's chosen two models. I was allowed to replace D3 Deadwalkers per turn (but I could not exceed the starting 12 models). I was also able to add another Deadwalker to that total by spending a Prophecy Point and using The Dead Walk the Earth (from The Bloodied Skull - also not normally allowed in Skirmish!)

Edited by WarbossKurgan
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Fantastic stuff, as always. I love that you have these little mini skirmishes set up for low attendance days and it's wonderful to see games played with so few figures and yet still feel epic.

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17 hours ago, RexHavoc said:

Fantastic stuff, as always. I love that you have these little mini skirmishes set up for low attendance days and it's wonderful to see games played with so few figures and yet still feel epic.

I have to admit the B-plots have been my favourite episodes of this campaign so far!

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The Traitors!

(Coalition of Death) The struggles around the Hurricane Bell has turned into a war of attrition, after so many sorties in the surrounding areas. One final push at the Hurricane Bell could see one coalition taking control of the Realmstone. Yet, the omens are even more dire than usual, as fresh treachery is brewing.
(Two new alliances will emerge from this battle)

The Rotmoons - 80 Renown (Portents: The Falling Star, Signs from Gorkamorka)
Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss 
El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman
Bolet Ghosteater - Fungoid Cave Shaman
Dragante - Orruk Boss
6 Orruk Privateers

~ ? ~

The Rotmoons approached the Hurricane Bell with trepidation. Their fragile alliance with the Heralds of Nagash was apparently still in place and An'sec had ordered them to take control of a nearby Realmstone cache. The Gilded Hand and the Raidho Othalas were forming up on the other side of the Bell, they appeared to have captured one cache of Realmstone each as well.


Bortagno dropped like a stone when he was hit by an amethyst Arcane Bolt from the battlements of Freebooters Tower.


Bold Rikk turned to ask Tambor a question and a crossbow bolt hit him on the shoulder; luckily it glaced off his only piece of armour.


Kalyustar watched the battle unfold, safe in the temporary stronghold of the Freebooters Tower. Something was amiss though - there were strange tides in the aether.


The pistoleers rode down the White Lady!


Gunfire from the Gilded Hand's pistoleers zipped past the orruks. Bolet fried a pistoleer with a seering green Arcane Bolt.


The Rotmoons and the Gilded Hand squared up opposite each other.


The horsemen managed to shoot or trample all the Deadwalkers that had been guarding a another cache of Realmstone.


The orruk privateers left their cache (unwisely!) and advanced into the corpse of trees between them and the Hurricane Bell.


The Kharadron revealed their treachery and turned on their erstwhile allies. The Rotmoons refused to be in an alliance with the duardin and joined the Gilded Hand in a hasty and somewhat shaky alliance! Furious, Kalyustar unleashed another amethyst Arcane Bolt - this time at the Kharadron!





Bolet and El Doctoro joyfully blasted the duardin with arcs of green energies of various shades.


Bolet was distracted for a minute or two when he found a particularly promising crop of Dozewart Redcaps!


~ ? ~






Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled across the forests. A searing light made all the warbands shield their eyes for a moment and another warband was standing on the Hurricane Bell! They wore strange armour and carried brightly decorated shields.




Suddenly empowered by an unexpected tide of aetheric energy, Bolet and Eld Doctoro were able to unleash an unprecedented storm of magical energies, which ripped apart four of the Liberators in an explosion of magical-spores and arcs of green lightning, and infused the orruks near-by with Waaagh! energy.


Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva single handedly charged that remaining Hexwraiths and destroyed them.


But something was wrong. El Doctoro could feel it in the air. A glance at Bolet Ghosteater showed him that the Fungoid Cave Shaman could feel it too - he was fidgety and nervous, even though he had consumed at least five Dozewart Redcaps in the last half hour. There should not have been that much energy to tap into with so few orruks near by. El Doctoro was about to ask Juan Dee if he knew what was happening but before he realised Dee wasn't there the bow wave of the Necroquake hit them.

The forest seemed to explode in slow motion - everything around the shamans lifted from the ground and started flowing in the same direction. Leaves, stones, broken branches, abandoned barrels, orruk and grot were swirled and washed into the air. Bottles and of rum and barrels of beer were upended, smashed against trees and the contents poured horizontally. The two wizards were swept up in the cloud of debris, spun over and over, carried past the other (completely unaffected) orruks, then slammed into a tree.

As the bow wave passed they were dumped on the floor; bruised, dazed and confused. The other orruks looked at them, mouths hung open, with no idea what to make of the strange event.

~ ? ~

Viktor's side of this tale is here.

We had a special guest for this game - Tammy, from the Tears of Envy blog, joined us with her Stormtonnians. She deployed them in the centre of the board and we randomised which side she would join. The Kharadron won her support and the Liberators attacked the Orruks, who then surprised everyone by utterly wiping out Sigmar's finest! It lovely to meet Tammy and however unlucky she was in the game we were all pleased with the convenient narrative resolution that neatly explained why the Stormcast would not be around for the next game!

Edited by WarbossKurgan
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