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Let the blood Flow - How does it work?


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Can someone confirm for me that I am using this card right?  It says if 3+ fighters made a successful attack action, would a successful charges count towards that?  As a charge is both a move and attack action.

I can see the argument either way, just for me it makes the difference between this being really good or a dead card that I will never include.

Thanks all

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14 minutes ago, Karakas said:

No wonder I was struggling so much to make an aggressive Reavers deck.  Thanks for the help all.

I love my aggressive Reavers deck! A few tips:
1. Completely forget about holding objectives. Basically all of your objective cards should somehow relate to combat or out of action fighters. In my objective deck my only exceptions to this tip are Escalation and Ploymaster.
2. Reavers need a lot of power cards that increase their chances to hit. So take lots of cards that give you more attack dice and re-rolls. They also need cards that help them survive when they miss.
3. At the moment I have no movement cards in my deck, not even sidestep or illusory fighter. I would recommend taking 1-2 movement related power cards max. Almost all my cards either increase my damage, chance to hit, or chance to survive a hit.

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