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Painting Mortis Engine


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Morning all,

Wondered if anyone could share a few colour tips on painting up a Mortis Engine. I’ve got the spirit stuff down so that’s fine.

With regards to the dark bone cage I was thinking of following the ‘Pertrified Bone’ guide from the Battletome (Gorthor - Agrax - Baneblade - Karak), would that work?

Also, what colours have people used for the stone steps and the altar / reliquary thing? And the wax candles?


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I carry all my stuff in a big bag. The troops in boxes and on top bigger open boxes for mortarchs, engine or harbringers.

But I guess that’s not very caring of me... only use super glue, so the arms are breaking off not tearing ?


it is the cheapest and easiest way for my, don’t have space for foamfilled boxes (wife would kill me)


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Well, it‘s at 10+ Hours and all the characters are still in their prime ? and the horses and stuff will get nebulized in green haze, if that sucks it is rinse and repeat...

if all goes well if guess the model will take around 30 hours from sprue to satisfaction...

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