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The golden horde (Chaos conversion project)

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So first up we have my chaos lord, the Black Khan. Converted from a varanguard! 

Don't get too excited with my love of mongolian naming, not sure if the warband will end up having any mongolian aesthetic to them (though would be great if I could manage to find some ways! Perhaps some nice hats!)


Next we have the darkoath warqueen, she and her marauder march alongside the khan as part of his Warband, interpreting the portents of the gods and cutting down any who stand before their thunderous march! No conversion on this girl as I really like the base model.IMG_20180215_204921281.jpg.b1f6de671a2561a0db071c3128ef4ca5.jpg


Then we have the marauders! These boys have a slightly gladiator theme to them because I saw some conversions done before and then I saw the blood reavers and I couldn't resist making some characterful marauders to bring numbers to the horde!!




Happy with how these guys are turning out so far. I might try adding robe bits to my warrior and knight conversions when I do them. After all what golden horde is complete without horsies??

Might try freehanding the total war mongolian banner symbol onto them when I paint them. Have been wanting some kinda mongolian themed chaos boys and girls for aaaages ;)

Probably going to use knight bodies for the warriors to allow easier posing and converting, will play around and see. Regardless I'm looking forward to having a fun little band!

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Hey folks! Update after goodness knows how long. So I've been wanting a squad of warriors based on dragon age red templars for a while and decided that hey I can link that project into my golden horde! For those who don't know what red templars look like here's a ref image:


The main thing being the lovely crystals sticking out of the armour that I think would look great as chaotic corruptions. Also it means I can get dragons painted like archdemons

(My main warp fire dragon is blue but I might turn my black dragon into a second one and have it archdemon black)


Anyway here's wonderw... I mean the black khan. Now with red lyrium crystals. 


I feel they make him look more menacing though my favourites are the chaos warriors (pictured below) and I like how the warqueen turned out too.


These should prove fun to paint and hopefully the rock crystals will turn out well. Gotta work out how to make them shiny looking.







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So another sporadic update:


Managed to pick up some secondhand slaves to darkness off a friend so I've now got about 15 dual weapon warriors to convert into 2h weapons, some more chosen (can try the red templar theme on these ones) some marauders with nice gladiator helmets and spears (will count as axes) another chariot which needs tlc and some various spawns. These should be fun for building the golden horde up past their initial skirmish plan and part of my main army ^_^


I think I'll aim to grab a lord on manticore at some point as the model would really look at home amongst my corrupted warriors.

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So I've been starting a bit of painting for my boys. Trying to work out how to do the red crystals as want them to be glowy (also might need to try and learn object source lighting to get a proper glow but that all seems confusing)


First attempt was with mostly soulstone red over silver and then white edges with another soulstone red over that.


I think it's alright but not quite red enough. My other attempt was a more traditional highlighting with a soulstone red over that because it looked more like fire than crystal.


Might need to find tips on all this.


On the bright side my kitbashed dragon ogre shaggoth is coming along well. It's got a tendril face to fit with some of the more sea monster tentacle stylings of some of tzeentch bits and bobs.


He's taking a lot of greenstuff... And is gonna need waaaay more. The body won't turn out well as I've not done something like that before but it will be a good learning experience at least :)


Looking back at my reference picture I might try and do light around the base of the crystal and tip and a darker middle to see how that turns out. If anyone has guides or tips for glowing crystals do let me know! (My airbrush won't go fine enough for dudes this small so alas that's kinda out of the question)

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So a bit more of an update, I have managed to do some more crystal practice and think I've got a good paint style nailed down for it :D so here's my most recent practices:




(Unfortunately these photos don't look as good as in person)


7 hours ago, AthlorianStoners said:

Awesome work think the shaggoth looks ace

Thanks man! Hopefully I'll be able to get some more work done on him soon :)

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Hey there!


So further updates because I'm on a chaos drive right now! I've done a lot more work building up the shaggoth's body though now I have run out of greenstuff and will need more xD




I'm happy with how it's coming along so far!


I also did some tlc repairs on the chosen and marauders I got second hand off a friend as well as a nice chaos lord.  I do actually really like the colour scheme for these chosen and think it would be great to have with the lord as like a second clan following the clan xD though I'd have to paint black over the reds to make it not look khorne and would be hard to replicate on the lord as I don't know the colours alas. (Also gotta paint over those helmets, see if I can do the undercoats by hand before painting)




The marauders will definitely need stripping and redoing as they've got a bit too much red and some bits of the plastic showing through.


Anyway my final work of this evening has been adding crystals onto the bases on my varanguard lord and darkoath warqueen. 


This means I can now finally get them primed and painted ^_^ that'll be some fun for tomorrow! Plan for the warqueen is to make the skin pale (like my regular blokes though I should probably put a pic of them here sometime), chestplate gold, black on the boots & non metal bits and silver for the shield with the crystals and axe head being my nice crystal red style. :)

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Late night update!!!


So I've been on fire this week with my horde! Making good progress now on the khan himself and the warqueen. And built them a manticore mounted friend too :D


I'm quite happy that I'm bringing this project into full fledged army status as they'll add some lovely flavour and character to my current tzeentch boys, even if a slightly darker colour scheme ;) (well chaos groups are often clans brought together and these voys are meant to be lead by an everchosen vanguard so that all makes sense really)






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So done some further work on the black khan and warqueen. Happy mostly with how the weapons turned out though they're difficult to do and a bit unsure on the white highlights. Gotta do more work on the bases but they're coming along nicely! Gotta highlight the gold too. Also think I'll make the warqueen blonde like my other units (all have white skin and blonde hair so far) or brown haired, the blue just doesn't go right alas.





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