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Beastclaw Frost Sabres: Narrative Army List


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I've been thinking (those who know me can tell you that that's a bad thing), and came up with this Beastclaw Raiders army list. I added the tag 'controversial' to this thread, so you know what to expect:


2000 Points


Icebrow Hunter - General, Massive Bulk, Ice Mammoth Skull Plate

Icebrow Hunter 

Frostlord on Stonehorn - Blade of All Frost



Frost Sabres - 10

Frost Sabres - 10

Frost Sabres - 10

Frost Sabres - 8

Thundertusk Beastriders





Tell me your thoughts. Criticism welcome (and expected). 

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Would you use the actual frost sabre models? Thats a lot of duplicates!

I do love the idea of frost sabres as the'battleline' part of beastclaw, as it allows focus on the really big beasties- my own small open play force is a huskard on thundertusk, stonehorn beastriders, and 2*2 packs of frost sabres which are the huskards own pet pack

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I'm thinking of buying  ~8 actual frost sabres and then converting them from chaos warhounds or Gryphies


It would also work with the lore of my army as a whole with all the chaos mutations: so My Tzeentchian Prince/ ultimate spellcaster (think AoS Magnus the Red, but purple), has a knack for manipulating people along with destroying their soul (yeah, he's that kinda guy), so it might work with Tzeentch Beastclaw


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For the love of all that is good and sacred, don't buy frost sabers.

Convert or do a second-best option - use Fenrisian Wolves (in my opinion they are superb as FSabres replacement and they fit the role of hunters pack much better) instead. Think about all the chaos-ish shenanigans you could do with them.

But please, think 10 times before buying "real ones". The very thought that GW will make money of your purchase of those models is sending chills down my spine. Those are, at least in my eyes, one of the worst models ever produced. Expensive, static posed, finecast monstrosities that barely fit together (and still, get a bucket of greenstuff because finecast) in place and have zero-to-none details on them. I've seen a novelty crackers toys that were sculpted better. This is basicly what you plan to buy:

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