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Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

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On 30.3.2018 at 5:00 AM, AthlorianStoners said:

Could be a way to bring tomb kings back as a group of dead/undead who nagash had locked away. Use some parts of the range, the more modern ones. 



That'd make me sooo happy. The Necrosphinx with its size and bling fits perfectly into the AoS aesthetic and you could several entries out of that kit, one for each face and the howdah cat might make two options, I dunno.  Add a big Scorpion King character and plastic scorpion and undead giant that builds versions for other undead factions, too.


And a new barbarian god of winter with lots of human followers showing up would be awesome. I've got a small group of Khornites kicking around that worships a wolf deity (as in WHFB many tribes had Demon Princes and varied aspects of the gods for local worship) and seeks justice as well as spiritual guidance and strength via martial disciplin. Basically warrior monks feeding Khorne by "accident", going to war to punish armed cowards, like blood hounds used to tirelessly hunt down traitors, defectors and cowards.

PS: I won't do the ovious thing and put knights on thunderwolves to use as Demigryph allies to Vanguard Hunter SC for a small Ulroc warband, though...or will I?!

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