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Malign Portents Destruction buff?

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Hi everyone,

I bought the Malign Portents book and I really hope that the Malign Portents find their way into matched play. 

I have the feeling that some Portents could really compensate the troubles Destruction i s having at the moment. I am talking especially about the portent "The Black Void". There are some abilities which for example reduce the shooting of the enemy by 6'. Also there is a portent where you can retreat and charge again in the charge phase. There is also another portent which makes your units fly, which you could use so that your units can fly over other units to eliminate key targets.

I think those abilities could have a huge benefit for Destruction units. What do you think about that?

It would really freshen up Matched Play if you could use the portents in matched play.

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The great thing about them is you can use them in matched play. The question is whether or not they are adopted by tournaments. It could be the case of it being a role off if you wanted to use them in your game, much like ive seen Time of War rules used in tournaments being rolled for (such as Realm of Fire rules for Chaos Dwarfs) for example. 

I for one hope they are, they look like they add a little bit of an extra layer to a matched play game, without out being too crazy overpowered. But of course I havnt actually played a game with them et so there must be all sorts of combos out there. I know there is a +1 to hit sign, which could make certain shooting units (looking at you Skyfires and Kurnoths) become really good. Who knows. Heres hoping! 

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