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Battleline clarification?



Hi everyone,


So the 2000pt list I was wanting to play around with was:

20x Chosen
40 Bloodreavers

Now the 40 Bloodreavers are battleline troops but i'd like to know when do I count them? Is it as they appear right there on the army list (four multiples of the minimum unit size so 4) or when I deploy (forcing me to deploy in units on 10, 10 and 20 so 3)?



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I would say it happen when you deploy them.

I don't have the GH but I guess you need to have 3 separate units (while playing 2000pts) in order to achieve the minimum battleline requirement. Therefore you can take the 40 reavers, but still need to deploy them in 3/4 units

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also this:

On 7/5/2016 at 3:24 AM, WoollyMammoth said:

You must have 3 independent battleline units to play a 2000 point game. You cannot count one unit as more that one unit for any reason. The only exception is zombies who could start as 3 units and combine to one in the first hero phase, but they still have to start as 3 units.


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