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Dear community,  I’m Corkinimus and new to this community seeking for help, I’ve been looking at everything on this page for a long time now and decided to join in so Hello! 

I would like to ask for feedback. 

Soon I will play a rematch for a local tournament with my Destruction/Ironjawz army vs Kharadron overlords, the tournament is basicly deathmatch... wish it was objectives but it isn’t. 

from memory he plays, 

chemist, admiral, 6 edrinngers with drillguns, gun hauler and two squads of argonauts,  And perhaps something more I can’t remember, 

in my last game I got shot of the table easily, playing mawcrusha, 5 brutes, megaboss on foot, moonclan grot shaman, no wounds I know. 

I was planning on this fun list tell me what you think! 

1, General, troggoth hag 

2, moonclan grot shaman 

3 moonclan grot shaman 

4 gore gruntas 

5 gore gruntas 

6 Rock lobber. 

7 rock lobber 

Tactic. Stay behind, shoot his edringgers with rock lobers, 

when he gets closer move everything up, 

charge with the boars, vomit with the hag and cast arcane bolt and curse of the bad moon with he shamans while shooting with my rock lobbers, 

what do you guys think? 

Mans if you got any suggestions let me know I got lots of ironjawz models and moonclan alike. 

Thanks already. Corkinimus. 






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Interesting, although its unlikely that you'll be able to outshoot him, as rock lobbers only have one attack.


I cant remember if destruction have any movement shenanigans other than an icebrow hunter, if so use it! Gore gruntas are deadly on the charge as is the hag, but you may not be able to reach him quick enough if you let him advance first before he can shoot you off the table. 

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