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Return of Morgo Maggotbelly - Nurgle Army Work in Progress

Aaron Schmidt

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Recently I participated in a 1 day event just as the new Maggotkin of Nurgle dropped. I used the book, but my army was still pretty much the mish-mash of Demons and Rotbringers made feasible by GHB2017. 

Leading my army, as in times before the battletome was Morgo, my Great Unclean One. He fell in the final game of the tournament under an onslaught of Korgorath in a blighted wood nestled in a forgotten valley. His mission was accomplished despite his banishment, so Grandfather Nurgle (and I) decided that he should be regrown into a new vessel, and to be unleashed once more upon the mortal realms...




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On 2/3/2018 at 4:40 PM, Nutty said:

Some impressive sculpting, how much of the original Morgo did you sculpt yourself?

and.. Is that a mix of Greenstuff & Milliput? Or some other sculpting medium?

Thank you! Original Morgo is about 20% Maggoth Rider kit, the rest is greenstuff/Apoxie Sculpt mix. Some parts of new Morgo are Pro Create/Apoxie Sculpt mix

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