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GW Fantasy; various for sale

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Hey guys,

A list of all my for sale stuff back from 8th Edition that I never did anything with etc. 
Make me offers on it if you’re interested in something.
Photos on request. I’ll remove as its sold..
Thanks for looking!


Blood Secrator - £10

khorne guy with whip? - £7
5 goblin fanatics (3 metal, 2 plastic) £10
5 Empire Knights inc. musician (built) - £9

12 Saurus Cavalry (5 built/7 sprue) - £2.50 each (Or £20 for the lot).

Metal Skink Priest - £7

Island of blood: High Elf Mage, and 1 Rat Ogre


LotR (Just in case anyone can use this in AoS?)
140 Moria Goblins - £1 each (£12 for 15)

Mordor Orc Captain and Banner - £10
Plastic 20 Orcs and 20  Men of Minas Tirith  - £10 either set

Gandalf on foot - £8

Aragorn Mounted - £10

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You don't happen to have any of the weapon teams of IOB? (You didn't list them, but might as well try! :P)

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