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The Sublime Temple of Morathi: Chronicle of a Terrain Build


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The idea for this project arose shortly after the Daughters of Khaine teaser video was published.  There had already been some discussion around the Greek influences evident in the Malign Portents Shadow Queen video and the new teaser reinforced those thoughts.  I tried to think of different ways I would paint the new models, but my mind was suddenly consumed by the image of a Greek temple.

My initial thought was to do a faithful, 28mm scale representation of a historical Greek temple.  I quickly did the math, however and came to the conclusion that such a building would consume nearly 1/4 of a 6'X4' battlefield, so that was clearly out of the question as I wanted a functional piece of terrain.  I got to doodling (I am by no means an artist, so please be gentle) and sketched this basic design:


After thinking through the basic dimensions, the next step was to find the columns.  After doing some research I headed to the local crafts store and bought these:


They are designed to support tiers on a wedding cake, but they are durable plastic, fairly inexpensive and perfect scale.


That's all for now!  This weekend I'll be hitting the hardware store for some high density foam insulation for parts of the structure, and a piece of MDF for the base.  Then on to the art supply store for some foam board for the roof. 

Morathi is an unforgiving Queen and she'll accept no excuses if I have not completed her temple by the time she returns to the mortal realms.

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Still haven't finalized the design, so I haven't gotten to the hardware store for the rest of the materials, but I did want to make some progress, for myself as well as the people following the build.

I wanted to make sure that the temple wasn't just a generic temple and that it is really representative of the iconography that Morathi would surround herself with.  I watched the Shadow Queen teaser and took a screenshot of the symbol of Khaine at the end, then adjusted it to scale, printed it out and made a stencil so that I can etch it into the floor of the main section of the temple in front of the Cauldron of Blood (more on that in a later post).


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Managed to get my hands on some nice thick scraps of extruded polystyrene insulation for the main floor and raised dais the altar will sit on.  The pic below is the basic layout.  The rear section of the temple will be enclosed by a stone wall.  Roof will be a typical Greek Ionic style, which is said to be modeled after the elements of the female form, which is fitting considering the temple's subject.  The frieze will be made of skulls (just ordered a box of citadel skulls).


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2 minutes ago, Nutty said:

Nice! I especially like the new rune on the lower temple floor. A bit off centre, but very suitable for the Daughters of Khaine :D

Hahaha love it!  Morathi is the ultimate cougar (I know it's a panther, not a cougar)...thousands of years old but still rockin' a hot bod.  

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OK, you know the story, busy with work and family, yadayadayada...

I have managed, at least, to secure the dais to the temple floor, and add the stairs up to the dais. 

I like having functional terrain, so there's a landing about 1/2 way up that a 40mm base can easily fit on.


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