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New, need painting advice.

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So these are some of my first miniatures I'm working on for AOS. I painted the second one's skin exactly according to the Blightkings tutorial on Warhammer TV.  My questions are; how can I avoid the textured look on some of his parts? Also my figures always seem to appear slightly chalky. Am I thinning to much? Not enough? I thin with straight tap water. I used a homemade wet pallet for the unfinished  mini. Any constructive criticism and tips are very welcome.




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I had a similar problem with a chalky finish to some of my paint jobs and it seems to have been a combination of factors. I've found that Citadel whites and yellows turn chalky more often than others brands (currently using Vallejo game colour in various light shades with none of the same problems), but also that the problem is worse when mixing with water. I live in a hard water area in the UK, which I think affects things, but I found thinning the paint with a medium helped a lot.

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