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Hallowheart 2k List

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Hey everyone,

I've really been looking at trying to mess around with some of the Free Cities allegiances and have come to what feels like a solid competitive list utilizing some of the ideas from the Grand Tournament winning list, but with a heavier focus on saves vs Mortal Wounds since they dominate the meta currently.  Let me know your thoughts!

Drakesworn Templar (500) - General - Command Trait : Master of Defense - Arc Hammer - Artefact : Phoenix Stone
Anointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix (240)
Anointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix (240)
Battlemage (100)
Archmage (120)
Loremaster (100)

5 x Liberators (100) -Warhammer & Shield - 1 x Grandhammers
5 x Liberators (100) -Warhammer & Shield - 1 x Grandhammers
30 x Phoenix Guard (420)
10 x Warriors (80) -Double-handed Duardin Axes & Shields - Runic Icon

Total: 2000 / 2000

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