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I’m playing chaos dwarfs, and I would like to Allie a hellcannon to the army.

chaos dwarfs can ally with slaves to darkness. The hell cannon is not in the GH 17. 

On the hell cannons warscroll the crew has keyword slaves to darkness.

so my question is can I take the hell cannon as an ally in my legion of azgorh army, or do I have to make a “ chaos “ army? 



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No Slaves to Darkness keyyword, no allying in, simple as that.

When GW redid the legacy warscrolls with the GHB 2017 they got rid of the AoS faction keywords on all the old units no longer sold/in the current range; presumably because they didn't fit in with their vision for the AoS background/were no longer sold.

You'll have to take a "Chaos" army instead of a Legion of Azgorh one if you want to use a Hellcannon, which shouldn't be too hard, it just means you can't take Fireglaves or Bull Centaurs as battleline. :) 

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