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The Sorrow Wind Barrows


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Welcome to The Sorrow Wind Barrows – An Army Blog for my Legions of Nagash - Grand Alliance of Death.


So after having a massive hobby wobble during the end of last year (I blame the lunacy of painting three armies in the space of a month for three different tournaments) I’ve found my hobby mojo back and I’m jumping on board with Grand Alliance Death.

I used to own a huge Vampire Count army back in 8th edition, got it fully painted only for AoS to drop and I couldn’t bring myself to rebase the whole army so ended up selling it. Apart from the dipping into a 1K Nighthaunt Army for the small Blood and Glory Event a couple of years back (and then subsequently selling said army), I’ve not delved into Grand Alliance Death at all so decided 2018 would be the year of Death for me in AoS.

The reveal of Malign Portents and the new Legions of Nagash Book has helped me even more finalize my decision so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens for the forces of Shyish.

Going to be recording all my battles and progress with the army in this thread, with my club games, and tournaments all being recorded here along with all the painting progress.

So what have I bought? Well I’ve got three Start Collecting FEC boxes though that’s not saying I’m going down the FEC route, more options for either Crypt Horrors, Terrorgheists, Vargheists and VLOZD. I’ve also got two boxes of the Christmas Battleforce set this gives me 40 Skeletons off the bat, 20 Grave Guard (which may be turned into more generic skellies as I just cannot see them being worthwhile at the moment), 4 Morghasts and 2 Mortarchs. Finally picked up the big man himself, Nagash because you cannot run the Legions of Nagash and not have the big man himself.

Lots to get built and painted then. Looking forward to getting my first game played in a couple of weeks once I’ve got quite a bit built.

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First couple of models built for the army, hoping to get quite a bit built this weekend while TOing an event up here.



Urbek Nightcaller – Necromancer of The Sorrow Wind Barrows

First up is my necromancer model which is basically using the current Necromancer model (which I personally love) with a head swap and lack of back cowl.

Urbek travels the Sorrow Wind Barrows using the soulstones of Shyish to raise his undead horde for Vampire Lord Vulrik Krassen and more importantly the God of Death Nagash himself. He looks for the various vibrant vegetation that grows near the soulstones to heed him where the magical energies lie.

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36 minutes ago, RuneBrush said:

That's a really nice and subtle conversion :)  Crystals make a really nice addition, guess you're going to paint them up?  I'm sure I had something like that lurking somewhere...

Cheers, yeah the crystals are going to be painted a light pink/purple colour, akin to the Soulstones in Skyrim.

The plan is to keep the basing the same throughout the whole death army but having lots of different subfactions within.

Firstly focussing on Nighthaunt and FEC for our clubs Hex Campaign that's just started.

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