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Sylvaneth and wlydwoods

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Hi All,

placed my preorder today and have been looking through the warscrolls and i am a bit confused on how tou make sure you have Wlydwoods on the table in order to take advantage of the many abilities that need them.

seems i have to hope my opponent doesnt mind me  tailoring the table set up to my advantage.

am i missing something?


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I suggest you have a listen to the Bad Dice book review: http://baddice.co.uk/sylvaneth-battletome-review/

or the Facehammer Sylvaneth book review: http://www.facehammer.co.uk/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-podcast-article.php?podcastid=50

They detail several ways you can bring Sylvaneth Wyldwoods to the battlefield.

Quick overview: Faction specific traits, artifacts and spells allow you to deploy wyldwoods or create them during the game.

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Part of the army selection can be made up of scenery Warscrolls, which with the wyldwoods is made up of two or more citadel woods.  

I'm  not sure how it works with the generals handbook but I am pretty sure each player has a choice of what terrain pieces they want to put out in the battlefield.  I would assume 4-6 citadel woods would be enough to cover the board with enough woods to take advantage of their bonuses.

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I have played against wood elves/wanderers which used the woods.

Their general had an ability to place three woods on the table. Very interesting twist as their Durthu/tree man can move freely in the woods and out of the woods at any point without using movement. He used that to flank me.

The woods also attack you if you get to close.

Funny aspect of the game and cool way to use terrain.

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