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Orcs With Bows


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Which warscroll (rules) are used for the plain vanilla Orcs with Bows?

(I am talking about the plastic ones that came with 6th Edition box sets.  They had bows, quivers, leather garb/armour, choppas for hand weapons.)

I went hunting for something official and failed, couldn't find them being sold,  came up dry in Warscroll Builder...

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Thanks. I was looking in the Online Warscroll Builder but it only allowed three loadout options. 


Allegiance: Destruction

20 x Orruks (180)
- Pair of Choppas 
10 x Orruks (90)
- Choppa & Shield 
10 x Orruks (90)
- Pigstikka Spear & Shield 

Total: 360 / 2000
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 40

I guess I can manually edit Choppa & Shield to "& Bow".


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Yeah for some reason Warscroll Builder has not added that option. 

It's possibly because in the compendium Orcs and Orc Arrer Boyz were different warscrolls, but strangely when they made the Grand Alliance books they combined the two into one warscroll.

I've mentioned it in the Warscroll builder thread before, but it's never been fixed. 


So as you mentioned, just need to change it manually for now and it's a good indication of why knowing your scrolls is better than trusting army builders :)

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