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Sylvaneth Silver Tower Hero

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With the impending release of the new Sylvaneth models, and a long held desire to collect and paint Sylvaneth models, I've taken the plunge and ordered one of the Branchwraith models. Loving Warhammer Quest, I decided to create a homebrew character card and will be trying her out in the weeks to come.


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Not a fan of the mechanic that allows infinite companions, even if getting wounded does remove them. Also, having a damage 2 melee attack on someone who both casts and summons and has a 5+ save is altogether too powerful.

Better option would be

6+ Save
Piercing Talons drops to 1 damage
Replace Arcane Bolt with a 6+, 3+ to hit, 1 damage area attack, something like Hail of Thorns

Summon a single Dryad, Dryad gets 2 attacks, hitting on 4+

Bonus renown when both you and your dryad wound the same enemy in melee, call it "Embrace of the Forest"

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