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The Painting Contract - January 2018


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Hello folks and welcome to the Painting Contract for January 2018!

If you don't know the rules they are:

Each month you post an amount of models that you agree to try to paint/build/convert/sculpt. This can be terrain, models, Warhammer Quest Silver Tower/ Shadows Over Hammerhal, Blood Bowl or Shadespire as well as AoS of course. 

On the 28th of the month the contract closes and you can then post your progress images so that they can be critiqued, shared and boasted about. It is a great way to get involved in the community and to get inspiration.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone share their progress!




Mohojoe & TheOtherJosh

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With a campaign tournament day coming up I have some things I want to finish to be able to field it. The army most needing support are my Dark Elves so:

Before 13 January:
1. 10 Executioners
2. 5 Dwarf Thunderers 

Stretch before the 13th:
1. 2 Stormvermin (2e standard bearer & Drummer)
2. 8 Ironbreakers
3. New base with cauldron for a Ogor Butcher (although the Ogor player won last two rounds, he doesn't need any more help xD)

End of the month:
- Final details on the lord of Slaanesh
- one addition to my Slaanesh army that excites me at that moment. 

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Hi all! 

New to TGA, I am a rather busy father, so notoriously slow to paint and build. I am hoping you all provide me the push I need to get moving.

My boy got the Barrow Lords box from our secret Santa, so that's my pledge. 

I have to knock it out, I decided he deserved some new skellys to replace the hodge podge of "classics" we have been using, so 40 new bones incoming.  Thanks, and godspeed to the rest of you.


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Welcome @AskedForIt! Good to have you on board :)

I'm trying to do #paint52 this year, so I've divided my backlog into 12 month long projects for different factions and will set a weekly goal for each. This month it's Nurgle.

Week 1: base coat the Glotkin and FW Great Unclean One

Week 2: Finish GUO and Glots, plus a Lord of Plagues and Festus

Week 3: Build five Knights and five blight kings

Week 4: finish my 40 chaos warriors and hopefully to some rebasing of my WFB Nurgle stuff. 

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This is my first pledge! I used a couple of events last year to get bits painted promptly but don't have much planned this year. Hope this is going to help me keep accountable.

This Month I am going to undercoat and paint the purple armour on all 34 Stormcast Vanguard models I have already assembled.

vangaurd to paint.jpg

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Happy New Year! 

This month, I plan (hope) to complete my Skaven Adepticon army:

  • Finish painting 3 Stormfiends
  • Build 1 and paint 3 Mechanicus Warplock Jezzails
  • Build 3 and paint 10 Mechanicus Skryre Acolytes 
  • Build and paint base for Skaven Gunhaulers & Warlock Engineer
  • Finish building and paint army display board 
  • Build and paint base for Screaming Bell Dunecrawler (done!)  

Or, at the very least, complete them before Adepticon!




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Happy new year everyone!

Alot of ambitious pledges this month so I will man up and a try for more then the single unit I usually do per month. 

Pledges this month:

5 Putrid Blightkings

5 Kairic Acolytes(all the specials, champ, vulcarch and scroll-dude)

1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord

There might slip in a Lord-Ordinator if he turns up in time?

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Hello everybody,


First of all, happy newyear...and my all your toysoldiers end up painted!

For my pledge this month (sorry skipped december) i will assemble, basecoat, paint and base my 11 screamers of tzeentch. In the same time this is also going to be my strech-goal...

Can't wait to see all of the results by the 28th of this month. 


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So far I have 12 ogors and my concerted tyrant done to a tabletop standard. I still have loads more to do to these models but as I’m pushed for time I’m calling them done for the event that’s rushing up. Now to paint a slaughter master, a gargant and 40 grots by the end of the month. These will all be speed painted / table top too, but will be improved at a later date. Done is better than none as they say. 




this month the painting contract has been running for one whole year! Just wanted to say  thank you to everyone who takes part and keeps the threads running, a big thank you to @TheOtherJosh who regularly picks up my slack! And here’s to another year of sharing and improving in our great community! 



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I am going to assemble 10 vulkite beserkers for allies with my Kharadron Overlords and 3 sky wardens.

Follow-up goal:  If I am going to try and do the Start Collecting box painting contest - I will need to assemble and paint the fyreslayers, or the sylvaneth - but I need to decide soon!

Follow-up goal -2:  If I do not do the first goal, I will attempt to get base colors on my 12 endrinriggers/sky wardens so I can base them.

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No idea what I pledged but I painted LOADS over the xmas break, going from 1000pts to 1800pts of my army completed, and built a transport box I'm very pleased with which includes magnets n sheet(s). Those 'Very Useful Boxes' are the best, then combined with Element Games magnets and magnet paper you got yourself a multi-story spider car park. 

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