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Bloodforged Gore Pilgrim Combo List that wants some discussion


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Hey y'all, I like to theorize and tinker with various list ideas. I've thought about this for some time, and was thinking of fielding a Bloodforged Gore Pilgrim list. Attached below is what I've come up with.  I'm not trying to be competitive, but rather I'm aiming to have a list that's both fun and rewarding. 

The premise is that the priests cause the enemy to either run toward my advancing horde, or soften them up with blood boil. My Might Lord of Khorne uses his command abilities, trait, and artifact to better my chances of making successful charges and getting into combat. The blood secrator does what he does and plants the banner, preferably near my priests to increase the range of his abilities, and near the other units to give the reroll 1's to hit. The core of blood warriors and wrathmongers attack in the front line, while the Gore Pilgrim's bloodreaver's and 5 man unit of blood warriors separate from the main group to hold various objectives around the map. 

In combat, the priests buff the blood warriors with bronze flesh, giving them a 3+ in addition to being immune to -1 rend that makes them tough, giving a higher opportunity to achieve a save and  to activate the gorefist; the killing frenzy's +1 attack is there to help  (preferably for the skullgrinder or the Mighty Lord of Khorne). With 5 attacks each, they should do pretty well against most front line units; though the wrathmongers would come in handy dealing with anything that's big and monstrous. 

I don't want to rant on about each units and detail in the army, cause I think the rest of it is pretty straight forward. I think my biggest weakness would be heavy ranged based lists, but that's a weakness that I feel in general Khorne has. The priests would mitigate some of it, but still.....




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18 hours ago, DrProstateExam said:

In combat, the priests buff the blood warriors with bronze flesh, giving them a 3+ in addition to being immune to -1 rend that makes them tough,

Yes and no. The "ignore -1 rend" part only work in close combat and does nothing much.

There is several things i don't like on your list.

-15 and 5 warriors : you basically miss a heavy weapon, i prefer 10-10 or 10-5-5. 5 Bwarriors squad performs well in guard duty but reavers can do it for less if you need point and don't bother with armor.

-320 points in formations : for that much point you basically miss 1-2 entire units (or a bloodthirster)  and you will fight your opponent with much less troops. Don't make the mistake, formation points don't pay back in the game except under very specific condition, those are lost troops you don't play. A single formation is acceptable for Khorne for several reason, including diminishing your drop count, but two is overwhelming.

-Mobility is a key concept. Don't leave your home with at least one Bloodstocker. +3 to run and charge is absurd and stack if you field two. The Reroll is the icing on the cake. This can lead your units where you need them. Expetially with Wmongers.


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Bloodforged and gore pilgrims are my favourite battalions and I used to run both pre GH17.  They are both great. The problem since the point changes is that you don't have a real hammer unit or backup plan. The blood warriors are tough and can pump out attacks but that's pretty much it. Also any objective based game which requires heroes or behemoths to capture points, you are hamstrung.  

Kozokus has it right, you're are basically losing a whole unit which is a big deal. 

Id use one of the battalions and max it out to greater effect rather than use two and spread your self too thin. 



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