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Hosting community events, tips and trick?

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Hey guys! As one of the guys trying to grow my local AoS community, I've been trying to do things that could engage people. Do any of you guys have any tips or tricks for this? I'm currently running an escalation league, but there's nothing like a special event to drive a little interest.


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I would start by messaging every gamer that you know in the area and offering to give them an intro.  Offer to supply the tables, armies and even buy the drinks!

Play an easy game with even armies.  (or load up your opponents with extras ;) with factions that you know will appeal to them. Also have prepared the armies for the next step up of game.

Most importantly, after the first 1/2 small battles to learn the rules, do not play a straight up fight. It's boring and highlights everything that is bad with the game.

If your mates are 'competitive types then I would also have on hand the SCGT points docs along with the links to the Games Workshop coverage of the event.  

If they are painting and modelling types then I would certainly have some of the awesome new models to play with (and maybe even give them a starter set retributer to go away and paint)  

In the other article I talk about building a community and this all applies too.  All you really need it the enthusiasm and commitment to build it and promote it.  


Good Luck! 


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