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Seraphon army - should I get *more* Skinks?

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So here’s the deal. I have a still-growing Seraphon army that I’ll be taking to Adepticon in March for my first major tournament. I have no illusions of playing at the top tables, as I’m not that good at the game. I’m more in it for the fun experience. Anyway, I have the following units:

Slann Starmaster

Saurus Scar-Veteran on Cold One

Saurus Oldblood

Skink Starpriest

Saurus Astrolith Bearer (just got it for Christmas)

Skink Priest with Priestly Trappings

12x Saurus Warriors (spears)

7x Saurus Knights (lances)

15x Saurus Guard

24x Skinks (blowpipes & bucklers - just got them for Christmas)


Bastiladon with Solar Engine

Stegadon with bow

(I also have a Balewind Vortex)


I’ve got some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, and I’m considering another box of Skinks as my next purchase, which would improve my Battleline options for the tournament. I’m curious to see what advice I’d get from the community on my next purchase...

I was thinking about going crazy with Battleline and getting 40 Skinks, 40 Warriors, and 15 Guard, but that eliminates points for the big beasties. And of course that involves getting a box of Skinks, a box of Warriors, and another Start Collecting box (yowch big money!). 


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You cant have too many skinks! I would always have a unit of 40 in a list + they are really easy to summon and small units are great for grabbing objectives and holding up enemy units. they are a real bargain at 60 points ;)

A bigger unit of saurus warriors is probably a good idea too.

If you drop anything it should be the knights - one of the many units in AoS that look really cool but suck on the tabletop...

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