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Hey guys need some help with BCR :)

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First of all thank you for reading this!! So I picked up some units back before GHB17 and just started to assemble them now

I have:

2 x 2 Mournfang Pack (320)

1 x 3 Icefall Yhetees (120)

Frostlord on Stonehorn (460)

Total: 900/1000


This was my original list before the point changes. After GHB17 this leaves me with 100 spare points.

This change along with the nerf to Stonehorn (Stone Skeleton being applied after each individual wound) Makes me think I need some changes.


ONE important thing is that I have not assembled my Frostlord on Stonehorn. With the pieces I have I can assemble either a Frostlord or Huskard on either Stonehorn or Thundertusk. I was thinking maybe assembling a Huskard and adding in another Mournfang which would total 980 points.


Two main questions:

1. What do you guys think is stronger with the new changes Stonehorn or Thundertusk???

2. What other destruction/ogre units would be a good addition to fill up my extra points here?


Thank you so much guys I really appreciate anything you can do for me :)

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As always with these threads first thing to do is recommend 


Super useful thread which shows the journey you are embarking on!

Is also useful since we had a very similar conversation there :) 

My Comments

So based on @heywoah_twitch comments and my own experience with Goregruntas it seems you should be running your Mournfangs as 4s. If you wanted to you could assemble the Frostlord as a Thundertusk and use the Icefall yhetis as battleline. That said the Huskard is just better all things considered for the Thundertusk. The 100 points is a real ****** to get rid of as an Ogor player since everything is 120/140.

Personally I would always recommend magnetising or pinning the big beasties so that you can swap between all the options as you want, they are the most expensive part of the army and having 3 which can go in any configuration is a huge boon. To give a quick initial 1k list you might use, with only a single addition, there's the following option.


Huskard on Thundertusk (380)
- Chaintrap 

2 x Mournfang Pack (160)
- Gargant Hackers 
- Beastclaw Raiders Battleline
2 x Mournfang Pack (160)
- Gargant Hackers 
- Beastclaw Raiders Battleline
3 x Icefall Yhetees (120)
- Beastclaw Raiders Battleline (Frostlord on Thundertusk General)

Aleguzzler Gargant (170)
- Allies

Total: 990 / 1000
Allies: 170 / 200
Wounds: 60

If you do go this route get the Allies Box instead of a single. It also adds a cheap monster which only costs slightly more than another 2 Mournfang. Read the other two threads, tons of great information and useful stuff there. Good Luck with your Raiding!

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