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Stormcast vs Nurgle (SCGT comp)


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Played a mate of mine this afternoon who went to SCGT with me. Revenge game as he finished 10 points above me. We were playing The final scenario, Capture the All Points.


Prime, Vexillor, Azyros, Hammerstrike Force (3 Prosecutors, 2 X 5 Retributors), 2 X 5 Judicators, 5 Protectors and 2 X Concussors.


Sayl and Nightmaw, Festus, Sorcerer Lord, Lord on Daemonic Steed, Daemon Prince, 10 Chosen, 5 Knights, 2 X 3 Drones and 2 X Gorebeast Chariots. Summoning Pool of 2x 10 Plague Bearers, 3 Flamers and Herald.


Cool stuff from the battle!

I took first turn and teleported the Azyros into the middle of his army. When the dust had settled Sayl, Nightmaw and Festus were dead while a chariot had 2 wounds left. Prosecutors had snuck through a realm gate at the same time and allowed the Hammer strike to land killing 7 Chosen and 2 drones (who proceeded to roll 1 for battle shock and all come back ?). Chaos Lord joined in later and eventually only Prosecutors were left to hold the Realm Gate.


The Azyros took four wounds and then spent the rest of the game surrounded by a unit of plaguebearers who couldn't kill him. #whatalad.


Rest of battle saw a Daemon Prince, the other chariot and drones failing to kill of some Judicators and Protectors until Primetime happened and he took them all off. 


Called the the game end of turn four as tabling was inevitable for Nurgle. Nice win for the Stormcast!


Things learnt!

Taking first turn is sometimes well worth it for Stormcast and something I'd been really scared to do.

Leaving Prime in the sky until 3 or more is amazing. Just takes units of consistently and clears out sections of the board.

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I'm still working on this. Myself and Chopper have managed to work round it by resizing images in photos app befor posting as a temp fix.

ill clean up all the features/support stuff from this thread once resolved. 

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