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STORMCAST ETERNAL - All the good stuff

Marc Wilson

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I'm having a bit of a shake up to make space for new army ideas. I'm selling:

10 Retributors
15 Judicators with bows inc Champ upgrades
5 Judicators with crossbows inc Champ upgrade
2 Gryph Hounds - proper ones.
Stormcast Wristband!
Various sprues with upgrades etc.

All are painted to a nice tabletop standard, in an unoffensive scheme, and are nicely based. Ideal as the foundation for a 100/20/2000 army list, or addition to another army. This really is all the good stuff, and to be honest, you don't really find this on ebay very often. It's done be well in recent tournaments, I just want to move onto something different.

Pics to come

I'm looking at £170 delivered.

Also available - A nicely done bastiladon, with magnetised ark/lazer option - £25 delivered.

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