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Greetings from the Netherlands


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Hello Everyone,

Been lurking around these forums for a few weeks now and figured I might as well sign up and write a welcome note! I recently came back to the hobby after about 12 years, having played mainly 40k & LOTR in the past, even though I had about 3 different WHFB armies, although I never really played WHFB that much due to lack of opponents. 

Anyway I was somewhat inspired by Total War Warhammer and I really love the Age of Sigmar setting/style as well as the amazing new miniatures, I mean WOW! seriously, I have a lot of stuff still laying around from before but they look to be from a whole different age, which of course is true I guess. The new Silver Tower set actually prompted to take the plunge back in, and I just couldn't resist getting the Age of Sigmar box set as well. I've since then expanded with some more stuff, the Stormcast Eternals expansion box among others, and am now slowly but steadily building my first "competitive" army!

I haven't yet played a game, mainly because I refuse to play with unpainted mini's but also pretty sadly because I don't currently have anyone to play against, but I saw a post on these forums with Dutch players, so that might change. I also live near Amsterdam, but have yet to drop by my local GW. Long live the era of mail deliveries! 

Looking forward to meeting new likeminded hobbyists!

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