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*OLDER PHOTOS HAVE BEEN TAKEN DOWN, NEW ONE ARE ON PAGE 2* " Fire and wind come from the sky, from the gods of the sky. But Crom is your god, Crom and he lives in the earth. Once, giants lived in

So I have done a lot and posted nothing the army now is fully painted an based, I'll leave here a group shot  and try to add better photo later: And I've begin to convert a new unit, they w

No it will simply be a scenary piece Now a little checkpoint, a complete view of the army as it is now: C&c are welcomed  

Posted Images

Noticed all the picture went down :P

I'm upping them back with a little sneak peak on the leader of this Barbarian tribe, considered by them an avatar of sigmar (In game terms it would probably be an avatar of the hunt accompanied by white lion as hunting hounds to fit the theme of order Barbarian I feel white lion totem is  better than  wolf) 






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A little break from the conversion,4 hero have arrived for my barbarian army:

The battlesmith


The auric runesmiter


The archmage


And the jade battlemage


Now I just have to rebase them. 

Meanwhile another 10 barbarian/vulkite are nearly finished Hope to post them tomorrow. 

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Here we have the last 10 of the 30 man strong vulkite unit, I still need to do the last part on them, green stuffing fur to make it less straight on the model and adding the boots:




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And here they are! The last five of the 30 man vulkite unit:


And a group shot of all of them


Next step will be 15 auric heart guard, or Balder & Habrok (anointed on frostheart Phoenix) 

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And as promised..... Here we have our general! 

A demigod and his God-beast made real by the sheer faith of the barbarian tribe of ghur... Balder & Habrok


There's still some work to do, I have to add cork to the base and make it more scenical  and I have to add the weapon to Balder, but the final effect and pose would be really close to this. 

In game he will be an anointed with frostheart Phoenix. 

Hope u like it! 

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22 hours ago, Saikological said:

Awesome miniatures. Which brand are those?

Tnk u very much! 

The Phoenix is the storm raptor from privateer Press, the barbarian is Kron  from RN Estudio 

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1 hour ago, Rungi said:

How do the sizes match up from your GW figures vs. the ones from RN Estudio? They look like they'll make great "standouts" from the rest but I'm never sure about how scale actually lines up. 

This one is a 54mm, it's about the height of a ironjawz warboss or slaughter priest, but considering it should represent a demigod of some sort I feel it's appropriate for him to be taller then the troopers, and considering the size of the God-beast a smaller figure would have been overshadowed. 

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10 hours ago, Gorthor21 said:

What are their shields gonna look like?

I will use one of this 3 option : vulkite shield or thunderwolf shield or wulfen shield. 

I have already all the vulkite shield I need but I prefer thunderwolves and wulfen shield, but they seems a little difficult to find in great quantities :P


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