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Terrain Contest - Ends May 19th


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Hi all,

At the Derby Wargames Society club we are having a contest for the best terrain piece painted in the next month. 

I thought it would be great to open it up to anyone who fancies entering.

The Rules

pretty simple really.  Start a WiP thread in the modelling section and post your progress on the terrain piece that you intend to enter into the contest.  

You have until May 19th to get your Terrain piece finished and a new thread will be started in this section for voting.  

Post a link below to your WiP thread.  


There will be a prize of some sort. TBD.

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Not done anything else on it yet I'm afraid.

Was pushing to paint throne of skulls army, now focusing on horus heresy for my escalation game on Saturday.

Next week is when I'll next do stuff on it.

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