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Battle Worn Stormhost


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Hi Everyone, 


I just wanted to include a few pictures of my Stormcast Stormhost.  I really wanted to make these guys look like they have been through a number of battles and that they do not want to die, even though they can be reforged by Sigmar as that would mean that they would lose more of their memories in the process.  I thought the Pre-Heresy Death Guard (Dusk Raiders) colours would work for this Stormhost.  The Dusk Raiders were known to be experts at survival, endurance, and stubborn defence.    Painting the battle damage on the models, I thought, would really get that theme across on the table top.  This Stormhost is known to be experts at survival, endurance and stubborn defence.


The bases aren't done yet.    Here are some Retributors that I just finished. 




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