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19th May - Club night

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  • 2 weeks later...

i was planning on coming along, but i cannot recall whom i was playing...someone on the whatsapp group said someone else that had no data at the time would play me...maybe i should have paid more attention to who either of those two people were!

Hopefully they will look on here as i need to know what to bring along with me too!

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On 14 April 2016 at 11:28 PM, Ben Johnson said:

The next AoS Club night is on Thursday 19th May, who is coming down and who is playing who? 

So far it's,

Ben J vs Pete  

Ben C vs Adi

Rob vs Liam 

Will vs Keith 

Mike vs Mark 

Paul vs Martin

Adam vs Chris


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got my filthy all Khorne list sorted (or as i call it every model i own) for a total of 103 pool choices...it might be 98 if i only have 10 chaos warriors done)

Based on Version 2.0 of SCGT        Alliance = Chaos    
Models             Number     Faction     Cost
Bloodletters      30             Deamons                  15
Flesh Hounds    5              Deamons                    5 
Skull Cannon    1               Deamons                    6
Skull Cannon    1               Deamons                    6
Skarbrand          1              Deamons                   17
Thirster of Fury    1            Deamons                    12
Bloodcrushers    3              Deamons                    7
Herald on jugga    1            Deamons                  4
Herald on foot     1              Deamons                  3
Skarr Bloodwrath    1         Bloodbound               5
Wrathmongers    5             Bloodbound                8
Chaos Warriors     15        Slaves to Darkness    15


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2 hours ago, Seraphon_specs said:


 Only just joined the forum but would be great to come and play on the 19th if there's still room? I have a seraphon army if anyone fancy a battle? 

i was looking for a game if you fancy it? only got approx 65 scgt points though

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Club night is this thursday.

this list of players so far

1. Ben J vs Pete  

2. Ben C vs Adi

3. Rob vs Liam 

4. Will vs Keith 

5. Mike vs Mark 

6. Paul vs Martin

7. Adam vs Chris

8. Adam vs Tim

9. Steve vs Par

10. Seraph_Specs vs Hopkins

11. Steve vs Shane

No Nathan and Rob S this week??

I'm sure there are a few others that said they were coming too.

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