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Battalions or a mish mash?


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Hi all, just wondering whether people tend to build towards a battalion or just use a mix of minis from across the grand alliance? I see there are some in the older scroll compendiums but not sure if these are used much? And the grand alliance book has 0 battalions in it for destruction... I've seen that there are a few ironjaw battalions but are there any others for destruction in the other books at all? And are people generally using them?

Would a player who is using a few units of goblins, some ogres, some orcs etc (not a specific battalion) generally suffer vs battalion forces? 

Hope that makes sense! Thanks

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I'm building to use ironjawz battalions with monster support. 

A lot of the 'legacy' battalions on the app are still really good. The spider one, ogre monster one. There is a all giant one too from Godbeasts. 

No matter what army I've had the main body is always a battalion then I'll have support for it.

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My current Army is not using a battalion and is pretty brutal, even against battalion forces. I have an Order Alliance army which is.

General on Griffin
Battlemage (Wildform)
Knight Venator
Lord Celestant on Dracoth

3 x Demigryph Knights
20 x GreatSwords
10 x Wildwood Rangers

Treeman Ancient
Celestial Hurricanum with Wizard

Focused on Mortal Wound Range and very hard hitting combat, can deal with a lot of things. Very fun list to play. 

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In my opinion the two best batalions for Destruction (excluding ogors- I dont play them) are Spiderfang Venom and Great Gitmob.

Spiders and their mortal wounds are trully fearsome. Especially if you combine them with command ability and pick general's trait that gives a unit within D6" +1 to hit. But truth to be told I find spiders more effective if they are just a part of an amry in form of Big Boss on Spider, 1 Arachnarok and 1-2 units of spiders. Of course the big boss should be the general and wield talisman of protection, becouse if he dies, other spiders get significantly weaker.

The Great Gitmob seems very interesting. The Batalion gives all goblins +1 to hit if they outnumber their target and also +1 to wound if they outnumber enemy 2:1. Also the regular goblins get +1 to hit if >20 in unit, and +2 to hit if >30 in unit....  Also the goblin shaman has a spell that gives +1 to wound rolls to a unit and also improves it's rend by 1.

Now imagine a unit of 40 grots with spears and a shaman who maganes to cast his spell on them. Normally they hit on 5+ and wound on 4+. Now they have +3 to hit (>30 and battalion rule), +2 to wound (battalion rule and spell bonus) and rend of -1 (spell). That results in 40 goblins hitting on 2+, wounding on 2+ and with rending. Same will apply to archers, but they would hit on 3+.

The biggest problem for this battalion is goblin's bravery of 4 but you can deal with this. First of all they have banners that add +2 to bravery if there is no enemy around (thus protecting form batleshock resutling form enemy shooting and mabic). Also you have the numbers that improve it (+1 to bravery for evry 10 models above 10). And if golbin warboss from this formation manages to kill an enemy hero or monster, the rest of this warscroll battalion doesn't have to take battleshock tests at all... So I reccomend Grom the Paunch or at least warboss on wolf- they are very fast and can easily find a weak hero or finish off wounded monster...

I haven't tried it yet only becouse I don't have that many goblins but I see potential here. Especially that you can squeeze this battalion in 1000 points having 3 units of 40 grots or 2 units of 40 an one of 20.



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I'm rolling without a battalion, but that's mainly because I have a load of models from when they got new plastics for 7th (?) and I basically have a solid 1000 points ready to be painted and rebased. I don't know how effective it will be, and I am going to end up with brutes and gore guntas anyway, which with my old blorcs and weirdnob makes a weirdfist. I might make it the heart of my 2000 point list if possible but it means my battleline has to be generic.

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