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Pleas excuse my English - it’s not my native language - but I’ll try my best=) ( probably a lot of spelling and their/there mistakes -.- ) (Update: at least the most glaring mistakes where corrected – sorry)
Say what do you fear fyreling? The sweet touch of steel? The pain of the gold being united with your body and soul? The teeth of the wild beasts?
You should fear the cold, young one. The cold cuts not only flesh but your soul as well. The cold burns hotter than any fire could, leaving behind only a faint smile on the faces of those who escaped through death. And the wild beast, the icedroths teeth? Don’t fear them, fear their blood.

Baldur Grimwrath
The album mortis lodge is by all means a strange one. Oh believe me, they seek gold as any Fyreslayer and as any Duardin would. Abandoned by life itself this lodge got stranded on an Ice realm. What in the world happened here? Why would anyone life in this place? Urgold is the key. In the beginning, there was a powerful artifact. A golem made of urgold itself, powered by magic and the spirit of Grimnir himself. During a battle, he smashed a battalion of foul and corrupted ogers beneath its fist – and the glacier with them. He sank, taking all of his enemy with him. Over the years – the magic faded – the urgold remained.

As urgold does, the Fyreslayers where driven mad by desire to claim this old treasure back. The golem was held in a huge block of ice, not melting to normal fire – even the breath of a Magmadroth didn’t so much as melt the ice. It seemed as some of the urgold melted during battle and combined itself with the ice. What was created was an ice bock, nearly immune to heat. Nearly.

The only thing able to slowly melt this urgold-ice mix were the forges. Even then only during the creation of urgoldrunes and the imprinting on Fyreslayer skin would release enough heat and energy to slowly melt away the ice. So this lodge under Baldur Grimwrath took the name of “mortis album „ white death.

Setting up the forges deep within the ice, they found themselves facing a new terror. The heat and the life-force itself attracted Ice worm. Terrible beast, able to freeze even molten lava to a cold piece of rock. Battling for ages they soon learned that the Magmadroths and the Ice worms where odd relatives. They breaded over the centuries given birth the Icedroths of the album mortis.

As hot as a Magmadroth can burn, as cold can the Icedroths be. Their scales turned into ice, infused with the Urgold turning it into unbreakable scales resembling the ice prison of the Urgoldgolem. Their blood, once hot turned cold. If an Icedroth bleeds, it blood freezes as soon as it touches an enemy – making it not less powerful than that of a Magmadroth – and even scarier. Touched by this blood ice would spread over anything living or dead killing the flesh it touches instantly – turning it black from frostbite.

The furnace on top of the magmadroth doesn’t bother it in the least but it keeps the Fyreslayers from dying on touch with these beasts. Its jaws are powerful enough, that their preferred prey, the Rhinox wandering the white glaciers, can be chopped in half with a bite.
Icedroths and there riders – a terrifying foe to find on the other side of the battlefield. To the album mortis lodge they are their leaders, their pets and their friends, their brethren. Pity those who dare to lay a hand on an Icedroth or its rider while others are in sight – As always: there will be payment to collect. If not in gold, blood and heads will do.
The Project itself
it was my first mini painted after over half a year of a break after moving house, being sick and such. It took me around 20 hours to complete but also it was the first mini with the new Scale75 paints. I really love them although they can be tricky to work with.
The main focus on this miniature where the following parts:

Scales: I wanted the illusion of Ice – I like how it turned out although I could improve the look a little.

Gold: I tried out the alcohol based golds – love the look – a pain to work with. Maybe I’ll switch to Vallejo Metal color gold. Let’s see.
Detail: I wanted a very crisp painting with better blending then I used to have. I have achieved this – although blending will be a bigger focus on which I want to improve

Base: Going the extra mile. Not only Sand/snow bases as I used to but a “scenic” base with glacier motive – thanks Vince for the tutorial. Have to work on it through – the bluetac messed it up since not all the base was covered in resin somehow (the edges).

I was sad, that I didn’t have an idea how to hold the color balance. I tried but there was no idea how to integrate the read of the fire and beard on the base. And a red tongue was too stark of a contrast for my liking =) the whole mini was dull coated, the metals where painted and the scales got an ardcoat for gloss effect.
Overall I like how the mini looks, definitely a step up from others and I look forward on improving this.

Taking nice pictures still is a pain- since I really don’t understand lighting and photography at all - tried to build a lightbox.

Any feedback on painting and photography is very welcome.

Next up: Runeson and runesmiter form the magmadroth box.

Weniger anzeigen





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3 hours ago, Roostmanuva said:

Really nice theme, love the snow you have managed on the base! How did you do it?

The snow is a mix between: PVA glue, Woodlandscenics snow, Wodland Realistic Water and Secret Weapon crushed glass. applied as a paste then sprinkled with snow. Let it dry


Base:  this video with some minor tweaks


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