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Slaanesh Varanguard Triple Pile in?



Hello All,

I was wondering if I can pile in my varanguard on the charge 3x in 1 turn using their 1 time ability along with the slaanesh daemonic mount lord, or whether I can only use his ability the next turn after the one time use ability? 


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I would say twice only, so can't be used in the same turn.

The Varanguard rule says "second time", not "twice", "again", "extra", "additional" etc. which semantically is quite specific.

The Slaanesh ability says "twice, instead of only once". Again, other more permissive words aren't used.

So if you like, the wording is stating absolutes rather than modifiers.

RAW that's the technical interpretation. RAI/your interpretation may be different though.

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