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Events Canada: Warhammer'd - Calgary


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Event Title: Warhammer'd - Calgary
Event Author: amysrevenge
Calendar: Events Canada
Event Date: 07/23/2016 12:00 AM to 07/24/2016 12:00 AM

Its that time of year again, Warhammer'd will once again make its Glorious Return, July 23rd and 24th , in Calgary Alberta, at Glamorgan Community Center. But this year things are a bit different, It will be  AGE OF SIGMAR!
Warhammer'd at first glance looks a lot like a tournament, however it is first and foremost a community building event.  The idea is for players to play in something unlike the rest of the events that Ultimate Gamers runs throughout the year. It will be a casual setting with an emphasize on community, hobbying, and of course gaming.
NOTE:  At this time the event is SOLD OUT, but if you're interested, drop me a line anyway.
NOTE 2: I'm not the TO, but he's not super active on this forum like I am.

Warhammer'd - Calgary

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Here's my list (125 SCGT)

  • 40 Moonclan Grots - 14
  • 9 Grot Fanatics - 15
  • 1 Mangler Squig - 10
  • 2 Grot Warbosses on Great Cave Squig - 8
  • 3 Grot Shamans - 9
  • 5 Grot Squig Hoppers - 4
  • 9 Sourbreath Troggoths - 30
  • 6 Leadbelchers - 14
  • 1 Tyrant - 6
  • 1 Thundertusk - 15

Just to give me something to work on, I need to finish off the Leadbelchers and Tyrant, and re-base the Thundertusk.

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